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White Dell Streak Poses for the Camera. #dellstreak

Looks like BestBuy’s white Dell Streak is quite the looker thanks to this image provided by Jenn of’s.

This new colored version of the Streak shares the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5″ WVGA display, and oddly enough, the same blacked out controls on the front-side of the device. So in reality, it’s a dual-tone Streak. If the black just wasn’t doing it for you, hurry on over to the Best Buy pre-order page and plunker down your $299 now.

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MeeGo coming to an Android near you. Nexus One first up on the table.

The Nexus One is to many, “the” ultimate Android device even after several other more powerful devices have been released. The reason being is that it’s Google’s one and only self branded, carrier agnostic phone. But that whole “Android” thing is getting so old, isn’t it? How about we slap some MeeGo on there, hmm? A team of developers has started with Google’s Jesus Phone as a solid base, with plans to expand to the Dell Streak and HTC Desire in the coming weeks/months.

For those interested in more, be sure to add @vgrade (Nexus One) and @Termana (HTC Desire) to your Twitter list-o-friends in order to keep up on the action. Hop inside to see a few more shots of the magic as well as a video showing of the Dell Streak in particular, showing off it’s new face…
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Bummer: Even the off-contract Dell Streak is SIM-locked to AT&T

At first, you see the title and say “Who cares?”. On contract devices are routinely SIM-locked in the U. S. of A. But therein likes the kicker — even the off-contract Dell Streak is going to be SIM-locked to Big Blue. It’s a tough pill to swallow for interested parties who were planning to drop the $549 needed to be free of AT&T’s shenanigans and toot their horn on another lesser GSM carrier.

But alas, AT&T (and Dell) won’t have any of that. Too bad. Though some may remember a T-Mobile version of the Streak went through the FCC a few months back. Perhaps non-AT&T users have some hope after all. We’ll see…

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Dell Streak gets official date and price.

Oh Dell Streak how you tease us with your massive 5″ screen and speedy innards. So far, you’ve remained a sort of forbidden fruit, flaunting your awesomeness but never quite telling us about your real self, or when we can hold you. But never more. Dell has come forward to dish the dirty details on your secrets — August 13th for $299 w/ 2-year AT&T contract or $499 w/o contract.

Yes. You are a pricey date, but a date none the less. I won’t complain as I whisk you away in my clammy mitts, anxious about the hours of fun time we’ll have together. Can’t wait ’til you get here. See you soon…
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Update: AT&T getting all douchey by deactivating beta Streak devices…

Being a beta tester for a pretty big consumer electronic has it’s pros and cons. On the con side, you’re working with something that is almost guaranteed to fail at some point — nature of the job. But the real rewarding part is using something that very few people have access to, perfectly highlighting the “bleeding edge” nerd that you are.

With that said, being a Dell Streak beta tester came to an abrupt end over the last few days. Based on beta tester reports from MoDaCo Forums, it looks like AT&T decided to deactivate and invalidate all of the beta Dell Streak IMEI’s until AT&T/Dell come forward and officially launch the device, leaving said users with a WiFi brick. Not as bad as it could be, but certainly a bummer given the Streak’s strong focus on data and voice connectivity.

Further adding confusion to the chaos, multiple calls to both AT&T and Dell have netted different responses regarding the state of deactivated IMEI’s once the Streak officially launches. One rep will claim “yes”, the beta Streak IMEI’s will work while another rep is saying they won’t ever work again. Obviously, 1st and 2nd level tech support aren’t exactly beacons of truthful or useful information.

We’ve fired off emails to both Dell and AT&T, so we’ll see what comes of it. Regardless of either camps’ response, deactivating the beta units is a BS move, test unit or not. There’s no real reason why it should be done. Any beta testers peeved after getting the shaft?

**Word floating around the interwebs has stated that adding an iPad data plan or swapping the SIM to another SIM with phone and data plan has helped. But given that AT&T does frequent IMEI/account checks to make sure the hardware aligns with the proper cell/data plan means you’re temporary freedom is a ticking time bomb of disappointment. Leave it in the comments…

Talk about dick move.


I just had a small conversation with Seth Bloom from AT&T who pointed out one crucial fact that pretty much negates any ill intent or malice by Big Blue — Dell simply asked for 30-day SIMS for testing. And 30-day SIMs is what they got. For users of beta Streaks, you’re best bet is to either hack a working unit with another SIM card/APN settings or wait. Thems the beans…
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Dell misses the sweet spot with Streak pricing.

The Dell Streak was shaping up to be quite the tablet/Android device. With features such as 5-inch display, WiFi/GPS/HSDPA, 5-megapixel camera and Android 2.1, what’s not to love? The price. The official word from Dell is that $500 is the entry cost for the Streak. At that price, no one is ever going to buy it.

Don’t get me wrong, the Streak is a hot product for sure. But $500 hot? Yeah, not so much. $299 would have been the sweet spot and absolutely wiped the floor in the lower-priced tablet market. But Dell got overly greedy I presume. Now the Android tablet I was looking at acquiring I’m merely…looking at.

Anyone else put off by the inflated pricetag?

Would you pick up a sub-$100 iPhone?

With all of the great tech that is coming out this summer and later into the fall, do you find yourself in any way, remotely interested in a cheap, sub-$100 iPhone?

I mean, with the Droid Shadow (Droid 2), Evo 4G, MyTouch 3G Slider, countless Windows Phone 7 handsets, BlackBerry 9800 slider, the Dell Streak, and many others I’m probably forgetting, is an iPhone — even below $100 — worth it?

Let’s hear it: Would you consider it considering everything that’s on the horizon or is it $100 you’re saving to go towards the latest and greatest?

Dell’s Streak is the the smartphone that’s not a smartphone. 5″ of Android mystery device…

Thankfully for us, Dell is terrible at keeping secrets. That’s allowed goodies such as the now official Streak to pique public interest for several weeks now with geeks around the world mulling over just what exactly Dell’s new device is.

To any average user, they look at the spec sheet and see data + voice features and say: “Smartphone!” But it’s soooo much more than that…

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