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PalmPad Gets Detailed. Coming To CES2011! #palmpad #ces2011

There has been some talk that CES will be pretty boring this year for the most part. But one company will at least draw a crowd with some all new products on display, a company that we’ve written off as dead many times over — Palm. has an exclusive on official drawings of the PalmPad, highlighting the first major product release since HP’s acquisition of the mobile software and hardware manufacturer.

In total, three tablets each slightly different in appearance and design and all running webOS 2.5.1 will take center stage to showcase the reborn Palm. A fourth model that won’t make itself known at CES but is due out in Fall 2011 will supposedly cater specifically to universities. The specifics on this model are not yet known, though an obvious focus on furthering education with new technology is a given.

As for the trifecta of consumer-oriented tablets, mini-HDMI, front and rear-facing cameras (1.3 megapixel and 3.0 megapixel respectively) large screens dominate rumors. Speaking of which, FoxNews didn’t have any more detailed information regarding the tablets, so we’ll have to wait until CES to find out more.

Gadgetsteria will be at CES2011 and you can be sure that we’ll be all over any and all Palm/webOS hardware at the show. Stay tuned…

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Motorola Posts Teaser Video Showing Veiled Tablet. #gingerbread #motorola

Feeling the CES itch yet? Perhaps this new teaser video just posted by Motorola will help you along. The video (after the jump) clearly shows a veiled tablet that looks like it could roughly be 7-10″ in size. Of course, rumors currently peg Motorola announcing at least one tablet at CES2011 in either 7″ or 10″ garb. More important than screen size however, are rumors of Nvidia’s upcoming Tegra 2 dual-core core processor 5 megapixel/2 megapixel rear/front cameras, and a trifecta of wireless technologies including LTE, CDMA, and UMTS making an appearance in this mysterious Motorola tablet.

The veil will come off soon enough. Teaser video after the break.
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Bluetooth Keyboard Accessory for Upcoming Palm Tablet Leaks. #palm #webos #tablet

Palm has been promising quite a bit over the months, foreshadowing of great things to come for webOS. And yet here we sit — with nothing to speak of. But tonight, a trusted source of Engadget sent in the image above showing a bluetooth keyboard for an upcoming webOS tablet, currently codenamed “Topaz”. The keyboard itself is powered by AA’s, though it lacks backlighting. More odd however is the addition of a Windows key. I guess Palm is going for multi-purpose here. Expect to see this little gem drop in early 2011.

While we’re on the topic of Palm, another rumor that is sure to appease young webOS users revolves around a low-end, teen-specific device that is similar to the Pre save for the absence of any keyboard. This device carries the codename “Castle”.

Even though a tablet will do a good job of showing off the latest version of webOS, the follow-up hit with a low-end device is uninspiring. What we really want is a webOS powerhouse to compete against the iPhone 4/5 and the best that Android has to offer, not some borderline featurephone. Palm, where is that device?

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With iPad Debut, CNN iOS App Goes Free! #ios #cnn #ipad

When the official CNN iPhone app debuted earlier this year, it was quickly regarded as one of the best looking and most enjoyable to use news apps. But now, the CNN iPhone app has been topped — by the official iPad version. Following on the CNN iPhone apps strengths, design and UI layout is a big focus. Large, vivid pictures abound as to video. Furthermore, the app itself has three separate views: broadsheet (pictured above), list view, and slide show. The list view layout in particular is the best layout for those seeking up to the minute, constant updates as it automatically updates stories as events unfold. For the more visual news readers out there however, the slideshow and broadsheet layouts are where it’s at.

Also debuting with the CNN iPad app today is a new pricing model — Free all around. Time Warner-owned CNN is making the news organization’s official iPad app free from the beginning and cutting the CNN iPhone app down to size as well, dropping from $1.99 initially at launch, to $0.99, and now to free. Seems worthy of your time, does it not?

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iOS 4.2 Cut Back iPad Dock Connector Power Output. Renders Many 3rd Party Attachments Useless. #ipad #ios

It appears that iOS 4.2 wasn’t all roses and sunflowers for iPad users. While the vast majority of features brought to iPad users with the latest iOS 4.2 update are highly functional, useful , it appears that at least one aspect of the iPad pre-iOS 4.2 has actually been impacted negatively. Specifically, users of the $29 iPad Camera Kit add-on dongles are finding that many different USB peripherals are failing to be recognized after upgrading to iOS 4.2. According to 9to5Mac, the Dock/USB woes can be traced to the fact that the dock connector now only outputs 20mA of power. Compare that to pre-iOS 4.2 levels which were measured at up to 100mA and you can see the problem. Now, a whole slew of 3rd party iPad accessories that make use of the 30-pin dock connector may not work due to the lower power allotment given to them.

It’s a rather senseless change that while probably done with good intentions, wasn’t thought through very well. Any iPad users experiencing dock connector woes with 3rd party accessories?

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RIM Acquiring Swedish UI Designer “TAT”. #tat #rim #playbook

While RIM has been criticized many times in the past for their aging UI and OS in the modern era with such competitors as webOS, Android, and iOS, a new acquisition could spell success for the Canadian-based company. David Yach, Chief Technology Officer at RIM announced today via the company’s BlackBerry Blog that RIM is acquiring Swedish UI designer TAT The Astonishing Tribe. If you haven’t already seen some of TAT’s phenomenal UI work, take a few minutes to check out some examples on their site. You’ll quickly realize how much of a saving grace this is for RIM.

Hopefully, the underpinnings of QNX combined with some slick pixels from TAT blend well on the upcoming PlayBook tablet. Because if they do, RIM could instantly launch themselves back to the forefront of smartphone innovation with both a powerful OS and a good looking one to boot powering their entire line of devices.

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Nook Color Rooted. Android Market Access Unlocked. #nookcolor

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been following a thread over at XDA off and on, whose ultimate goal was to root the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. (For those who don’t know, the Nook Color runs Android 2.1 atop some pretty compelling hardware: 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal memory + 32GB additional memory, and a spacious 7″ touchscreen.) The main reasoning behind rooting a nook: in its stock state the Nook Color is severely crippled, having access to the Android Market blocked outright.

But that is true no more. The fine talent over at XDA has cracked open the Nook Color allowing plenty of awesome hacks, with the most notable being access to the entire catalog of Android Market apps. It’s especially interesting considering the highlighted hardware above, because as it stands, said hardware is near the top end of current Android tablets. And now that the software has been unlocked, the Nook Color can officially compete in the world of tablets.

For now, instructions aren’t publicly available. Hopefully that changes. Nonetheless, it’s extremely reassuring to see that the full potential of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color can finally be unleashed, albeit even in private groups. Anyone eager to root their Nook Color?
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SoftBank 16GB iPad 3G + WiFi Subsidy: Free. #ipad #softbank

Japanese cellular provider Softbank is joining Three UK and Orange UK in offering customers subsidized iPads in return for signing a multi-month contract. Softbank’s most enticing proposal offers customers a free 16GB 3G + WiFI iPad in return for signing up for a 25-month 24-month contract costing ¥4725 ($56 USD or £36) per month.

Cheaper discount pricing (especially free) is something we normally don’t see on Apple products. When it does happen, it is almost always the third party eating the cost. With that said, Moco News speculates that the subsidized iPads could be an attempt by Apple to get more iPads into the market in a timely fashion in an attempt to attract more iAd publishers — iAd in particular will be launching in Japan in early 2011. It’s certainly plausible. Though as already mentioned, the discounted cost it more likely a decision by Softbank to simply tie people into a 25-month contract in which they’ll make up the iPad’s subsidized price and then some.

Even then, Japanese users on the fence regarding purchasing an iPad due to high pricing now have a chance to take another look.

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Poll of the Day: Subsidized iPads. #ipad #tablet

Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. Forget Black Friday. That’s old news. Subsidized iPads are new news, however. Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen Orange UK voice plans to subsidize iPads. Three UK has stated similar plans. In the short-term it means cheaper upfront costs for iPads. Granted, you’ll end up paying for it (and then some) over 1-3 years. But that’s hardly in the forefront of your mind when you’re actually holding the latest and greatest shiny toy in your hands. You want instant fulfillment damnit.

So what’s your vote: Non-subsidized, contract-free iPad or cheaper (up front) subsidized iPadn chaining you to a carrier for 1-3 years? Cast your vote in the sidebar now!

Orange UK Reveals Subsidized iPad Prices. Pre-orders Starting Today. #orange #ipad

Orange has officially come forward with their subsidized iPad offerings. Starting later today, interested parties can pre-order the 16GB version for £199 ($312) , the 32GB iPad for £249 ($391), and the 64GB iPad for £349 ($626). In order to qualify for the subsidized pricing, customers will need to subscribe to a data plan costing £27 ($42)/month. Said plan will give you 1GB of peak data, 1GB of off-peak (midnight-4pm) data, and 3GB of BT Access Open Zone Wifi per month as well. Slightly odd to see the cap on data over WiFi, but whatever. We’ll take what we can get, especially when that means a cheaper up front cost for an iPad.

Any UK readers going to bite?

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Three UK Joining Orange, Subsidizing iPad. #ios #ipad

It looks like another UK cellular carrier is going to be following in Orange UK’s footsteps. Competing UK carrier, “Three UK” has voiced plans to carry subsidized iPads of their own in the upcoming months. At this time, no official pricing for either the iPad or accompanying data plans have been mentioned. But common knowledge points to a couple hundred pounds slashed off the iPad’s retail price in conjunction with a five to ten pound higher monthly payment. Also, an 18-24-month will obviously be required for the lower purchase prices.

As is the case with Orange’s plans, giving customers whom aren’t able to pay the high up front costs of iPad ownership should find these new subsidized plans quite the opportunity. With that said, anyone holding out for a subsidized iPad?

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Another Patent Shows iPad with Second Dock Connector. #ipad #apple

We’ve seen a couple of Apple iPad patents crawl through the USPTO already, showing amongst other things, a dual-dock design. That’s interesting because thus far, all Apple devices have featured a single dock on the bottom of the device. It’s also intriguing because a second dock on the side would hint at new iPad docks for gen 2.

As is always true with new features and designs in patents, however, they’re far from final. Many times over we’ve seen new things appear in patents that never make it into a finished product. This dual-dock iPad 2 design could be another example of that. But with three patents passing by now over the last 5 months all featuring the dual dock design, it’s looking more and more believable. I certainly wouldn’t mind. A choice of dock orientation would be a pretty nifty feature for an already great tablet. What do you guys and gals think?

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