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Leaked Spec Chart Details T-Mobile’s Upcoming Pay-Per-Day Plans.

  • October 5, 2011 12:02 pm

Need to “borrow” some cell service for a day? Further leaks detailing pay-per-day plans rumored to be launching on T-Mobile (U.S.) break down the tiers.

  • $3/day: Unlimited talk/text/web
  • $2/day: Unlimited talk/text/2G web
  • $1/day: Unlimited text + $0.10/minute of voice

Intriguing to say the least — especially the $1/day plan’s favoring of texts over voice.

In other news: The leaked screenshot above also shows off T-Mo’s new Monthly4G $60 plan which will feature unlimited voice/text and 2 GB of HSPA+ data.

If you’re in a pinch, the “rental”/daily service plans are actually quite compelling.

Tying everything together is a shared October 16th launch date shared with the also rumored Walmart exclusive $30 Monthly4G plan.

T-Mobile Fall 2011 Roadmap Leaked!

  • September 7, 2011 7:03 am

Provided AT&T doesn’t come into town and ransack the place, T-Mobile’s fall months look to be exciting once again. A new roadmap leaked by TmoNews show everything the carrier has on tap for the end of 2011. The only downside to the roadmap is that it doesn’t mention any specific dates, instead giving vague early/mid/late monthly time frames. But hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Coming in early to mid September is RIM’s new BlackBerry 9360, meanwhile October will see the relesae of the HTC Ruby and Samsung Galaxy S II. October 15th in particular is listed as a “major release day” pointing to a release of one of the two aforementioned October devices (Ruby/GS2). Of course, the 15th could be a new tablet of some sort too. There’s also a chance that October 15th’s “major release” is nothing more than your typical feature phone. Other than the three high-end devices, expect a couple of feature phones to drop as well. But lets not kid ourselves. You’re not here to read about those anyway…

T-Mobile Launches 42Mbps HSPA+ Network In Over 50 New Markets.

  • May 24, 2011 6:32 am

T-Mobile is continuing onward with their aggressive HSPA+ rollout, specifically the much faster 42Mbps upgrade to last years 24Mbps push. In all, over 50 new markets will join the 42Mbps club today with the ultimate goal of 150+ million Americans being serviced by T-Mobile’s faster HSPA+ network by mid-year. Adding to the fun is the new T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 USB laptop modem that will take full advantage of the new found speed and begin shipping tomorrow, May 25th. Building on the Rocket 3.0, T-Mobile will also release 25 HSPA+ (42Mbps) capable devices throughout the rest of 2011.

While this is all very interesting and exciting news now, it will get even more interesting to watch should AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile be allowed to go through. Then we will have a show to watch…

Full list of cities receiving HSPA+ 42Mbps upgrade after the break…

T-Mobile Raising Restocking Fees As High As $75!

  • May 19, 2011 8:55 am

Because nothing in life is certain, mobile carriers give new customers 14 days (down from 30) to test drive their new carrier and hardware to make sure they truly accept their new decision. The nice part about this early window is that if someone decides they made the wrong choice, there isn’t any cancellation fee to speak of and occasionally a nominal re-stocking fee. But in a bid to quickly live up to their potential future owners, T-Mobile is raising the current $10 re-stocking fee prices rather considerably.

From here on out, re-stocking fee pricing will be based on the hardware returned as follows:

  • Entry Level Phones and Laptop sticks: $25
  • Smartphones: $50
  • Tablets and Netbooks: $75

While we understand the packaging can potentially need to be replaced and/or included accessories, we don’t see how paying nearly $100 to put something back on the shelf makes any sense. AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile hasn’t even been approved yet and already they’re tactics are rubbing off on the quickly falling carrier.

T-Mobile Launching 3 New Android Devices June 8th.

  • May 16, 2011 3:08 pm

T-Mobile fans: Mark June 8th on your calendars. Not one, not two, but three new Android devices will drop on the nation’s 4th largest carrier each catering to a difference slice of the market.

Starting at the low end we have the Samsung Gravity Touch 2 which features an 800 MHz processor, 3.2″ display, 3-megapixel rear-facing camera w/ flash, and Andorid 2.2. the GT 2 also features a new “Gravity” branding which will include certain special services like group texting. Price — $225.

The mid-range category will be filled by the Samsung Exhibit 4G (Hawk) and take things up a notch with a faster 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 21 Mbps HSPA+ support, and similar 3-megapixel rear-facing camera w/ flash. Price — $325.

Finally, we make it to the big leagues with the HTC Sensation. While this phone has been widely detailed for several weeks now, it’s a beast of a phone worth the attention. With that said, expect this top-tier offering to pack Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), HTC Sense 3.0, a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 768 MB of RAM, 4.3-inch 540 x 960 qHD display, and 8-megapixel camera w/ dual-LED flash and 1080p vidoe recording + 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

Which path are you going to take?

Delayed Unlimited WiFi Calling Dropping On T-Mobile Tomorrow.

  • May 12, 2011 7:56 pm

Well that was quick — The recently leaked and then delayed re-launching of unlimited WiFi calling on T-Mobile U.S.A is back on again. The new launch date is thankfully very soon — tomorrow, May 13th. From the horses mouth:

Currently, placing calls over Wi-Fi deducts from a customer’s in-plan minutes. Effective5/13, a new feature will launch that will allow customers with capable phones the ability to place calls over Wi-Fi without deducting from in-plan minutes! This is not only a great value, being FREE, but can help customers who experience coverage issues in areas that Wi-Fi is available.

This new feature is available to all Even More and Even More Plus Postpaid rate plans for customers with Wi-Fi Calling capable handsets.

We surely hope T-Mobile can stay afloat without AT&T’s help solely for reasons such as this. Unlimited WiFi calling has always been a T-Mo-only feature. With that said, we have 100% certainty that an AT&T-owned T-Mobile would see prices raised and features cut. That’s just how they do business.

Anyone with compatible WiFi phones can begin the celebrations starting tomorrow morning…

T-Mobile Bringing Unlimited Data To Top-Tier Pre-Paid Plans.

  • May 5, 2011 2:43 pm

While we tend to walk the line of post-paid cellular plans, we understand the affinity some have with pre-paid options. Unfortunately, the plans themselves and accompanying phones aren’t always as nice or generous as their post-paid siblings. T-Mobile would like to buck that trend, however, with some revamped top-tier pre-paid plans.

Staring May 22nd, the previously 2 GB $70/month data plan will change to a truly unlimited plan, while the lesser 100 MB $50/month will also become sudo-unlimited — data throughput will be throttled after 100 MB instead of cut off. Unless you have some weird phobia of ingesting too many MB of data, we’d suggest upgrading to the upcoming unlimited plan. If cost is an issue, we won’t judge you for taking the lower option. It’ll be interesting to see how these new plans carry over to AT&T should the government allow the merger to go through…

As an added pick-me-up for those settling with 100 MB of data and worried about throttled speeds — it’s really not all that slow, and actually faster than some other carrier’s “normal” offering…

T-Mobile Launching $59.99 Even More Plus “Unlimited” Plan April 13th — Data Throttled After 2GB.

  • April 6, 2011 6:40 am

Unlimited and caps don’t really go together. So consider us disappointed with T-Mobile’s new $59.99 Even More Plus “Unlimited” Plan. Set to go live April 13th, this plan offers up unlimited everything for a very nice price. The only problem — while data is “unlimited” in that you don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth, once you go over 2GB your throughput is throttled way, way back to the point of being almost useless (read: dial-up speeds). In our books, that’s nothing more than a failure on T-Mobile’s part. As progressive as T-Mobile used to be, it’s sad to watch the carrier adopting what appear to be AT&T-like pricing and policies.

T-Mobile USA Continues HSPA+ Rollout With 10 New Cities.

  • April 5, 2011 9:03 am

T-Mobile USA’s future may be up in the air as we await the various government committees’ decisions regarding an AT&T take over, but that hasn’t stopped T-Mobile’s will to fight. Today, the nation’s fourth largest carrier announced the addition of 10 new cities to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network:

  • Fort Collins-Loveland, Colorado
  • Anderson, Indiana
  • Ames, Iowa
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas
  • Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, and Jackson, Michigan
  • Wichita Falls, Texas

Also announced today, T-Mobile confirmed their impending release of 42Mbps service in a handful of markets by mid-2011. Said markets include Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando. By late 2011, Chicago and northern New Jersey are scheduled to join the 42Mbps HSPA+ party as well. Guess they’re going out with a bang, huh?