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Best Buy Announces TiVo Powered Insignia TVs.

  • August 1, 2011 2:47 pm

We haven’t been all that interested in the connected TV space — Give us a good computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone any day! — but alas, millions of people apparently are or TV manufacturers wouldn’t continue beating this horse. Well, add another item to the bucket list for Best Buy has just unleashed several new web connected Insignia (in-house Best Buy) TVs powered by TiVo…

Apple TV - Actual TV - Set for Fall Release??

  • June 21, 2011 9:06 pm

Well, the rumors may hopefully come to fruition - Apple might be set to deliver us a display that will pwn all displays - EVER! I’ve had many a dry and wet dream of this day, as I did dreaming of when Apple would make a phone. The rumors have always been high, which makes sense from the sweet arse Cinema Displays that have been released with the Apple Brand.

But think about it, a full fledged Television - Apple Logo - Small remote - Even an iPhone/iPod remote - iTunes built in - iCloud doing cloudy things above it - really, think about it! “Sources” close to DailyTech whisper sweet nothings (hopefully somethings) in our ears involving a really neat relationship between a major Display OEM and Apple that will bring us super cool eye candy, and something that our kids (by which I mean us) can sit too close too. A former Apple Exec says that Apple is planning on “blowing Netflix and all those other guys away!” The TV will most likely have the AppleTV and iTunes bundled inside of it - INSIDE!!!!!

So what do you readers at home think? Good idea for Apple to dip their toes into the television world? Personally, I only think it is worth it if they will make my TV experience ‘Magical.’ They really need to ‘revolutionize’ the crappy TV I have sitting in front of me now. I think bundling the AppleTV and iTunes will be a neat idea, but I also think they should really integrate the iDevice family. Maybe something along the lines of how Nintendo is doing it with the new remotes, but with Apple cores and seeds. We’ll see this fall/Holiday season if the rumors will once again be squashed, or if it will bring a new iProduct into my househould. Small question still lingers though - with AppleTV already taken, what could ‘ol Stevie name it???

Comcast Announces Live TV Streaming Coming to iPad.

  • January 5, 2011 3:52 pm

iPad users whom also subscribe to Comcast at home will soon have one more reason to pay for those high rates — live TV streaming with the blessing of Comcast themselves. The announcement was made to AllThingD’s Peter Kafka. But don’t go celebrating just yet, for it’s not quite as awesome of an announcement as it seems. The most glaring shortcoming of the upcoming iPad Live TV streaming is that it can only be done within the customers’ home. With that said, it begs the question: “What’s the point?” Of course, video licensing and live video licensing are two completely different challenges, unfortunately. The second shortcoming, at least initially, is that streaming will only be allowed to Apple’s iPad and Android tablets, leaving out a monumental smartphone-toting user base.

A live demo is supposedly going on today during a Citigroup investors conference, though release date, pricing, and any on-device restrictions are currently unknown.

Hopefully Comcast comes to their senses and realizes that streaming content in-house only isn’t worth our time, nor theres.

#CES2011: LG Press Conference Wrap-up.

  • January 5, 2011 12:46 pm

LG Had a slew of new products to announce at todays press conference and a relatively short 45 minutes to get the job done. Needless to say, my hands hurt. With that said, everything from the TV hardware itself to the new redesigned SmartTV dashboard have been redesigned — and for the better. Not only that, LG made the 2011 CES the first year in which they showcase home appliances. And yes, just like the TVs, they’re getting smart too. Finally, the highly rumored Optimous 2X dual-core smartphone made a brief appearance as well.

Hop inside for the loaded recap…

#CES2011: XPAND Customizable 3D Glasses and Mobile App.

  • January 5, 2011 11:02 am

The big news with XPAND at today’s early morning press conference focused around the company’s “Universals” 3D glasses. Awarded for their breakthrough technology back at CES2010, the Universal 3D glasses have enjoyed healthy sales throughout the last year. For CES 2011, the glasses are expanded upon and tweaked with new software tools and a growing educational focus.

As a quick refresher: The glasses themselves come in various sizes, colors, and themes, with note worthy features including rechargeable batteries, USB port for upgrades (DLP-Link, Communication Module) and customizable software which can be configured via a special mobile app for smartphones called “Youniversal XPAND”.

The Youniversal XPAND app will allow users to customize the glasses for particular applications and scenarios — scenarios such as TV model, viewing distance, viewing distance/angle, viewing environment (dark/mid-day/evening etc.), 3D style (no ghosting, extra bright, light, aggressive, custom), and more. The approach makes since seeing as how one of our biggest complains with 3D thus far has been poor, spotty performance. The mobile app will initially be available for iPhone and Android only, but more platforms are expected. Press release after the jump…

Vizio Unveils 21:9 Cinema TV.

  • January 4, 2011 9:04 am

Movie buffs in attendance at CES 2011 will want to make a special stop by Vizio’s booth. It is there you will be able to get an eyes-on experience with the company’s new 21:9 Cinema TV. The resolution on the 50-inch and 58-inch models will come in at 2560 x 1080, making it quite a bit more immersive than the current crop of widescreen TVs.

If you recall, Phillips jumped on this waggon earlier in the year with their own 21:9 TV. So far, market penetration hasn’t been all that stellar. Though that is in part to few retailers actually picking it up as well as a rather high price tag. But now that Vizio has entered the fold, perhaps we’ll see 21:9 take off in 2011. In our opinion, the 21:9 experiences are much more enticing and enveloping than the current 3D gimmick that is ravaging the tech world. With that said, check back later this week as we’ll be sure to hit up Vizio’s booth at CES!

Apple: 1 Million New Apple TVs Sold. #apple

  • December 27, 2010 5:17 pm

The recent design refresh of the Apple TV is paying off — for Apple that is. The company announced today that they had officially crossed the 1 million sales mark a mere 3 months after going on sale. Not too shabby considering Apple sees the Apple TV as nothing more than a company “hobby”. Nevertheless, web TV and streaming media appears to be on the rise as competing technology from Roku recently had it’s CEO come forward and state that they too were seeing increased sales, even naming the Apple TV as one of the big reasons for the uptick in sales and revenue.

Have you jumped on board the web TV/streaming media train yet?