Social networking butterfly updates Facebook and Twitter at the alter

Think you have a case of the social networking bug digging deep down inside of you? There’s one simple way to find out. Would you tweet or update your Facebook status when getting married…at the alter…in front of everyone? Just how social are you — more social than Dana Hanna (the guy) in the video above?


New York gangs take to the digital streets via Twitter

Twitter has reshaped communication in recent years in that it brought the extremely fast communication method of texting and opened it up to the world. Now faster than ever, ideas and thoughts can be shared with not just a few, but the whole world. What once was a small community of geeks and nerds trading 140 character or less messages back and forth has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon with people of all ages and lifestyles picking up Twitter as an effective means to communicate. All we ever hear about is weird or funny individuals or groups making use of the micro blogging mecca, but a far scarier and sinister following is getting with the times and giving their hand at this whole digital revolution — gangs.

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Twidroid 3.0 for Android coming early December

Even though I wasn’t initially enamored with Twitter, I have come around in the last year. While I’m still by no means a twit-a-holic, I do find myself spending more and more time on the popular micro-blogging network. Since I jumped ship from my iPhone to the Android platform, I’ve been looking far and wide for a comparable Twitter client. Twidroid has generally been crowned the top Android Twitter app, though unfortunately isn’t even close to Tweetie 2 for the iPhone. Now I’m not saying this to knock Twidroid, I’m merely stating that the Android Twitter apps need more time and refinement. Along these lines, I mentioned a nifty app called Touiteur a few days ago. This Twitter app (still in development) looks to be one of if not the best Android Twitter app once released. Obviously the developers behind Twidroid don’t want to see that and have formerly announced that Twidroid 3.0 is coming. Coming when? “Early December”. Now I have two Twitter apps to keep my eyes on. Being the spec hounds that you are, I’m sure you want some hard info. The new specs include:

  • Threaded conversations
  • Twidroid plugins + examples on our website (e.g. google maps, support any photo service)
  • Single tweet view with extended infos
  • Remember timeline position setting
  • Jump to top in timeline button
  • Autocomplete usernames for replies
  • Bring up tweet box directly by typing @
  • DM list now with avatars

So after looking at the list above, and checking out that earlier post I mentioned about Touiteur, we can see that both of these apps are approaching the whole Twitter scene differently. Twidroid is continuing it’s strong presence with more functionality. Touiteur being the newcomer is bringing a rather large feature list as well as a more visually pleasing, clean UI. Is Twidroid’s UI in need of refinement? To some that’s debatable. Personally I’m finding the UI in Touiteur a bit more finger friendly and clean. But again, that’s my preference. Still, it doesn’t take away from the robust feature set of Twidroid 3.0. When all is said, which app has your most interested: Twidroid 3.0 or Touiteur?

Androinica > @kevinawhalen > Twidroid

Verizon assures us the Pre is coming. Via Twitter

Some may frown upon more “professional” announcements via Twitter which is largely an informal, consumer service. Still, public professional criticism hasn’t stopped droves of companies from embracing the service as an extension of their PR departments. The latest Tweet of importance comes from Verizon and confirms what we already knew — that the Palm Pre is coming to Verizon in early 2010. New? No. Good to hear? You bet.

Ubergizmo > Unwired

Hollywood exec’s the latest to completely botch the embracing of technology…

Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter allow people from all walks of life, pay grades, and geographic locations connect with one another as if they’re physically right next to each other. Such things that spur people to keep seeking that bond. The NFL and NBA obviously have no idea about a thing called technology and the internet, but of all places, I would think Hollywood would have some sort of grasp. Apparently I was wrong as major Hollywood executives are bringing the whip down on celebrities blabbing their mouths.

There really isn’t much to say other than while their are a few instances that having a celebrity leak something reserved for some star studded or private press release, 99.9% of the time, what the hell could they possibly do? The backlash on social networking and more technologically advanced services on a whole by many markets is rather dumbfounding. Obviously the planet is going through a change, digital is in, physical is on the way out. Get used to it. Adapt. Or die.

Now don’t misinterpret me, Hollywood is far from dying. But with social networking quickly becoming a staple of many lives of many countless people, why the hell would you want to eradicate it? I guess it just goes to show that by the time you actually manage a multi-million dollar empire, all common sense and relevance goes out the window.


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About that NFL live blogging ban…

Anyone following sports the last few months has seen a rather harsh crackdown on live blogging of professional events by media present (we’ll come back to that). The belief that banning any tweeting or live blogging during games will keep profits high is far from the truth. Have you ever followed a game by a live blog type of coverage? It’s good for “to the point” information and quickly read through. However, it’s far from the visual experience watching it on TV or seeing it live would be. Though the rich suits in charge of these mega-million dollar teams don’t have the slightest clue on how their market operates. Do you really believe that a die hard sports fan, the ones who give the leagues the most money, are going to stop going to games and paying for expensive sports cable packages and instead start following games by live tweet? Hardly. That type of thinking is ridiculous.

Now, back to that live blogging ban. The live blogging/tweeting ban varies somewhat from league to league, but they do share a similar set of rules. The biggest similarity being that all live blogging and tweeting is banned from 90 minutes pre-game up to 90 minutes post-game. The cause as well know is that these leagues want to protect revenue from TV deals and what not. Moving on, enforcing such a ban is extremely hard, almost impossible in fact with the only real threat being getting kicked out of a game. However, notice that these rules and penalties are all directed at people who are live at the game and live blogging. Simple work-around? Liveblog from home. Peter Sanders, a reporter for the WSJ did that very thing…

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RIM to launch official, push supporting Twitter client October 16th?

Are you a Twit-a-holic? Does the 140 character universe wait for each and every moment you feel is worth sharing? BlackBerry users are some of the most impatient individuals (I should know…I’ve had 3 so far). When they want an answer or information, they want it now. RIM is still the king of messaging, especially push messaging. Currently on any given BlackBerry you can receive emails, SMS/MMS, IM’s, as well as many other messages from different sources pushed to your device. However, one uber popular service has still gone on: Twitter. Now in case you didn’t know, there are several BlackBerry Twitter clients such as TweetGenius, Twibble, and TwitterBerry, just to name a few. Though RIM has so far declined any part in this 140 character game. That is until October 16th rolls around. While an official RIM Twitter client is still unconfirmed from the boys up north, some pretty compelling information has come forth giving light to a rather worthy in-house contender. The so called features:

  • Ability to view/follow/unfollow followers
  • DM/tweets/replies
  • Keyword searches w/ saved results
  • Homescreen icon displaying new tweets
  • Tweet photos directly from memory card/onboard storage as well as viewing photos from received tweets
  • Support for trending topics
  • Full address book integration

After you ponder for a moment, you see that RIM has got a pretty good Twitter client in their hands…supposedly. The date for all of you Twits to mark down in your calendars is October 16th — the claimed release date. So what do you think? Does the world need another BlackBerry Twitter client? Willing to bet on RIM delivering?

IntoMobile > BBNews

The Tweeting Kegerator: Two loves combined and the greatest innovation ever!

Beer beer beer. How I love beer. Another love which I’m also become increasingly addicted to is Twitter. What better way to show of your geeky chops than to combine the two. That’s exactly what SparkFun Electronics did. They took the company Kegerator, which was becoming increasingly difficult to monitor and keep full, and tapped (pun intended) into the real time tracking benefits of Twitter. The SparkFun Twitter account tells you such things as pull count, beer temp, and beer level giving anyone who needs to able to remotely monitor their kegs a leg up on the situation. Collecting and organizing all of the information is done with four pressure sensors (one one each leg) to monitor remaining beer, a temperature sensor (self explanatory), and a magnetic switch/sensor located by the tap handle to keep track of handle pulls.

I have definitely got to get myself a keg and try this out! If all you want is SparkFun keg updates and you’ve got nothing else to do, add @SparkFunKeg to your Twitter account. But, if you want a more in depth, “how-to” look at this shinning example of innovation and geeky beauty, SparkFun is your stop.

I didn’t think beer/Twitter could get any better or be used more interestingly. Did you?

The Awesomer > SparkFun Electronics

[email protected] brings direct calling features to Twitter


For all of the die hard, Tweet-aholics out there, you’ve come across an intersection in space and time where you’ve wanted to contact another Twitter user…by phone. Of course you could get the person’s number and then call them like normal. Or, you can simply start your tweet with @call. Direct calling from Twitter here we go. A web based company called JAJAH has just released a beta program called [email protected] which allows the beta users to call each other through Twitter. I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another internet calling type of deal”. Except this one has a fairly good catch. It’s completely and 100% free.
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Off the record Obama tweet calling Kanye West a “jackass” gets yanked.


In an off the record interview with CNBC, an ABC reporter, Terry Moran tweeted:”Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass” for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.” The tweet was quickly deleted. However, Twitter caches all tweets and doesn’t delete deleted tweets from said cache immediately. Now, many will look at the issue on the surface — that is, that a tweet supposedly quoting the President of the United States was yanked probably due to decency concerns or whatnot. However, it goes much deeper. The interview that this tweet was supposedly stemming from was an “off the record…behind closed doors” type of ordeal. The tweet made public a very private event. This isn’t the first time tweeting individuals have found themselves in hot water or situations because of potentially sensitive information becoming public. Of course, Kanye West is a jackass and completely talentless, though that’s besides the point. The real point is the fact that whether by force from ABC, CNBC, or some government branch, the tweet was taken down.

Why? Was any harm done? A talentless “musician” was called out for a complete lack of judgement a night earlier. Hardly an affront to national security if you ask me. Still, another instance of apparent censoring shows its face. From NFL players and referees to various other areas of professional careers, Twitter is quickly becoming a problem. And now, Presidential reporters could be the latest to come under fire for using the popular micro-blogging service. ABC has since apologized though it puzzles me as to why or what. Ok, an apology for tweeting a quote taken from an off the record, behind closed doors interview is grounds for an apology and against many rules set in place. But for any other reason I fail to see the need. In fact, having a person as important as the President of the United States calling you a “jackass” certainly carries some weight.

The crackdown on tweeting and spreading “inside” information is setting a very unsettling view of what the future holds. Again, while more serious consequences can come forth from such tweets, something as trivial as Obama calling a “musician” a jackass is hardly significant. Is censorship gaining a silent traction or is it just another instance of an extreme case getting blown out of proportion?

Audio now up:
Obama’s Kanye West Jackass remark
Source: Mashable

Tweet-Tweet comes to Now-enabled Verizon phones

Even though smartphones and other devices consumer most of my time and interest, there are many people out there who don’t like all of that high tech stuff. Instead, simple features are enough to get them through her day. Said users may want an easy and efficient way to use Twitter on their Now-enabled Verizon handsets. Today is your day. Introducing Tweet-Tweet, a Now device Twitter client. The list of features includes: posting tweets, RT, DM, and the ability to follow all from within the app. You may discount Tweet-Tweet as rather light on features, but remember, this isn’t a TouchPro 2 Twitter app we’re talking about here.

The only downfall I can see right from the start will be the cost — $1.49/month or $3.99/”unlimited”. Now, whether unlimited is for unmetered unfettered access or simply a yearly subscription is unknown. I’m awaiting reply from Verizon so we’ll see how that one goes. Although, having to pay for using the app on a per month basis when you already pay for texts doesn’t make sense. One of those “hidden” double charges I guess. Moving on, As far as getting Tweet-Tweet on your phone, you can either send “Tweet” to APPS (2777), or “Download This/Community and Sharing” sections of GIN/Media Center. Who’s ready to tweet up a storm?

Source: Into Mobile, PR Newswire

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