Foo Fighters. Live streamed Concert. Facebook. Tonight.

Last weekend, U2 took a very rare chance to open up to this world of technology that celebrities and the content owners world continue to decry or ignore. It was an awesome experience, a good show, and a perfect display of modern technology at it’s finest. Since the interwebs were pretty busy chatting up the event, you could imagine that at least a couple other people heard of it. If U2 wasn’t quite your style, or your looking for more live concert streaming goodness, the Foo Fighters have got a treat in store for you.

Tonight via Facebook, the Foo Fighters are live streaming their very own concert. You can ensure a digital seat by sending in a digital RSVP or you make a grand appearance sans RSVP here, at 7pm (PST)/10pm (EST).

U2 wasn’t the first and the Foo Fighters won’t be the last. Hopefully this “cool” image that is starting to surround streaming live concerts continues. It brings the fans closer to the artists and vice versa. It’s good for everyone fans and artists alike. You going?

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RIM sponsoring U2’s 2010 North American Tour.

Apparently things went well with the last co-op between U2 and RIM because as they did this past year, RIM will again be the title sponsor for U2’s 2010 North American tour. Taking on such a challenge is not for the faint of heart or light of wallet. Copious amounts of time, energy, and money are needed to put on such shows and tours. I applaud RIM for reaching out into the consumer space and trying to be “consumer cool”. Now, let’s just hope they do a better job than this past year’s (2009) tour as though RIM was very much a sponsor, a few pathetic banners strung across the performance venues and a some BlackBerry logos displayed on TV’s are hardly going to win over any new customers. Not to mention, such a lack of effort and presence by the main sponsor is pretty ridiculous. Let’s try to kick this next one up a dozen notches ‘ey RIM?


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Reminder: U2 live streaming their concert tonight on YouTube

Music preference is a highly subjective topic. People have varying tastes music for a variety of reasons. U2 has stood the test of time in the music scene. While not everyone’s favorite band, U2 has shown that they have what it takes to span the generations. To a digital nerd like me, I enjoy their music, though that’s not why I’m writing this. Tonight at 8:30pm PST (11:30pm EST) U2 will stream their entire concert, live from the Rose Bowl. Streaming live performances are nothing new mind you. But for a band of this magnitude and size to do such a consumer friendly and pro-digital thing is rather impressive to say the least as usually, old guys in suits (read: record labels and content owners) often stop such tactics dead in their tracks. So if you like U2 and find this new embracing of technology instead of trying to protect themselves form it as is all to common in the music industry, I encourage you to tune into U2’s official YouTube channel. Afterwards, come back and leave a comment on how you liked the concert as well as the technology used.

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