At launch, Sony Xperia X10 will only support 65k colors. Android 1.6 to blame.

Oh the horror. Sony has been teasing us for days on end with Xperia 10 slideshows and videos of a UI that is simply gorgeous and now we come to find out that it’s only capable of 65k colors. Before you get too upset and cancel your date with Rachel, you must know that this is a limitation with Android 1.6 that is scheduled to ship on the device at launch — not the hardware itself. The OS simply can’t make use of all the hardware stuffed under the X10’s hood.

There is hope. Android 2.0 bumps up color support to 16m (Like the Droid) meaning happier, richer images. For now we don’t even have a release date for the X10 let alone any news on 2.0 updates. Thankfully we have some relief that Android 2.0 is in fact coming to the X10. At a recent Q&A meeting, Global Marketing Manager for the Xperia X10, Sumit Malhotra, said that the X10 will evolve to Android 2.0 over time. I sure do hope over time means they’re working on it now! I’d much rather wait a few extra weeks and even a month for Sony to cease development on 1.6 and start working on making the X10, Rachel, and 2.0 all get along in digital dreamland.

I know that the difference in colors isn’t exactly noticeable outright without something to compare it to. Still it saddens me just a tad that Sony is spinning their wheels working with outdated software on a piece of hardware that simply begs for more. Then again, we all know Verizon did strike an exclusive deal with Google to be the short term, exclusive provider of Android 2.0. Think that has anything to do with it?


BlackBerry development just became a lot more interesting…


The BlackBerry Developer Conference kicked off today and RIM personnel didn’t waste any time getting to the goods. For starters, OpenGL ES support is finally coming to the BlackBerry platform (OS 5.0+). If you didn’t know, OpenGL is what gives modern smartphones such as the iPhone it’s amazing graphics in such small packages. But what good is powerful hardware without software? Again RIM answers, though this answer is somewhat a surprise.

Since the beginning of BlackBerry theme development started a few short years ago, the Plazmic Developers Kit was the one and only way to skin and theme your Berry. A couple months back RIM bought Plazmic which led many to believe that a more tightly integrated Theme Developer Kit was coming. I as well as many others I’m sure assumed that RIM would through in some a few more goodies and maybe a new name and call it a day. That isn’t the case however as RIM also announced today the BlackBerry Theme Studios 5.0. As you can see, RIM is really pushing customization and the whole consumer thing really hard. One interesting part about the new Theme Studio is the ability to add .PSD (Photoshop) directly cutting down on needlessly having to save those .PSD files as some other format such as .png before being used. Also, screen transitions such as zooming, sliding, wiping and fading can now be added much more easier than before. What this simply means is that instead of a few high-end theme makers having the power and know-how on how to make truly impressive themes, more hobby based and beginner theme builders will also be able to compete with the big boys. Nice job RIM!

The Developer Conference has just started however and there is plenty more to find out. Stay tuned.

Press release inside…
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Crawl inside the skin of Snow Leopard [Hidden features]


I’m a tinkerer by heart. I love to fine tune my gadgets and software until they break — then I do it all over again. Nature of the beast I guess. Mac OS X has usually been a rather simple more simplistic OS in that without help from 3rd parties, it is generally pretty involved to make any system tweaks. It doesn’t matter if you actually don’t know how or don’t have time, I’m sure if a solution existed to drastically reduce your time spent tweaking you’d be all for it. What about something that allowed you to access “hidden features” or those features which Apple had added at some point of the 10.6 development process only to remove from the final version. Again, such things aren’t hard to find online and re-add yourself. But why waste time?

Secrets, a cleverly named free download allows you to access all kinds of hidden Snow Leopard tweaks ranging from more utility based ones that change how things operate and function to UI based tweaks that let you tweak everything to and including the dock. Hate the 3D dock? Click a checkbox and bam, it’s done. Now changing the dock is rather simple as a short terminal command can achieve the same thing. Though searching for and entering the command is precious seconds wasted. Don’t like the login background? Bam, it’s done. There are a ton of settings and hidden secretes to unleash with “Secrets”. Snow Leopard isn’t Blacktree’s first venture into the underground of the Mac OS X OS mind you. Over the years, Secrets has garnered quite a loyal following bringing with them various other tweaks and hidden features that aren’t just specific to the OS, but other OS X apps as well. See, there is a ton.

If you are any type of tinkerer, you need this app. Oh and don’t forget, it’s FREE. Ya, that’s compelling isn’t it. Get goin’…

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Sony’s Rachel UI flaunts her goods for the video camera!

Ya, this is one of those times where I just need to keep words to a minimum and let the video do it’s thing. In case you can’t see the movie, in short: these leaked conceptual demos of Sony’s “Rachel” UI are stunning and give Android’s pathetic stock media capabilities a kick in the digital groin. So much so I would even compare these as good or better than the iPhone. I love the iPhone’s media capabilities and perhaps it could just be that I’m tired of seeing the same thing attempted on so man competitors and this new, unique UI has my captivated. Quite possible indeed. All I know is I want it — bad. Sony, don’t f this up. Please. Bring this to market and you will have a winner!

The layout Sony uses is very Zune-like. Personally, I like it a lot. The latest Zune has a stunning interface so a direct comparison is actually a good thing. The navigation is quickly discernible as vastly different than anything Apple. Every little part of Rachel shows that Sony has truly put in some wrench time. Even small things like transitions between pictures is well done. The fade out, move, fade in effect is a nice detour from Apple’s more common, simple swipe. I really could go on, but I said this would be short. So another movie is in order. Gaze on…

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BlackBerry Theme: “Transitions”

Mobile users can watch the video here

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that custom “bottom dock” BlackBerry themes were the “it” thing with theme developers anxious over a UI layout that seemed rather simple. After watching the clip above, you can truly see how quickly BlackBerry themes have progressed in the relatively short time span of 1-2 years. The particular them showcased above was created by “Z Man Designs” and is titled “Transitions”. If you like the idea of organized and neatly arranged UI’s, you’re definitely going to want to give Transitions a look.

It’s by far the most innovative and unique BlackBerry theme to date. I’m really liking the animation effects as they do awesome job of covering up the aging qualities of the bone stock BlackBerry UI and OS. As far as organization is concerned, the theme breaks apps into four main categories: Apps, Messaging, Media, and Settings. As you scroll between the four categories, sub-categories and apps are displayed with crisp icons and smooth animations.

Given how cool this theme is, it comes off as a steal for only $2.00! I’d gladly give Zach a couple more dollars for a job well done. If you like Transitions and have your own unique theme idea, you may want to try your theme building chops in the “Transitions Contest”. It’s certainly worth your while as the winner will receive free Z Man Themes for a lifetime! An all around awesome deal from an awesome theme developer.


Sony Xperia X3 X10 “Infinity” coming out party goes down November 3rd.

The Sony Xperia X3 is so far my favorite device leading into the end of the year. While the X1 and X2 were pretty sweet devices, the fact that it was running WinMo pretty much killed it for me. However, with Android and a tweaked UI dubbed “Rachel” coming on the X3, this latest Sony device has got my attention front and center. Hmm, now about that X3 moniker, well, not even a couple a days ago, the X3 became the X10. Why skip so many numbers? No idea. Not exactly sure what kool-aid Sony is sipping on. Whatever flavor it is, they really need to back off as the just renamed X10 has been giving yet another name to go by. Though this time, the name is actually somewhat presentable. Ladies and gents I introduce the Sony Xperia X3 X10 “Infinity”.

The new name is a big step up from the cryptic and stupid letter/number combo that so many manufacturers fall victim to. At the same time, the Sony Xperia Infinity isn’t a name that is so far “out there” as to draw criticism and become the butt of jokes. We could spend forever going over the few specs and pictures we’ve already seen, or we can wait until November 3rd for it all to go down. My vote is for some new hotness sometime mid-week next week. You?


HTC gives Hero/Android kernel away. Developers cry a tear of happiness.

It seems HTC is looking to make good on Android’s open roots. While certain manufacturers try everything in their power (and epic fail it everytime) to stop the public from tweaking the code as they see fit, HTC is taking a more friendly “let’s be friends” approach. Such a partnership will make happy developers whom will intern make happy users. It’s a nice fluffy bunny hugging circle. So far, the few manufacturers who have really tweaked Android such as HTC with Sense, Motorola with BLUR, and Sony with Rachel have done an amazing job. I can’t wait to see what a colony of nerds can come up with.

The Hero/Android Kernel, as well as many other Kernels can be found at Hack away!


HTC Hero going Blue in 2010

We all knew it was inevitable that AT&T would eventually jump in on the Android game. Though I’m sure many hoped they’d be a bit more timely and original. A few of you may see AT&T as milking the iPhone and it’s publicity for all it’s worth. While others may believe AT&T was simply waiting for the right handset to launch Android with. On that note, details of an HTC Hero launch on AT&T in early 2010 are building, leading to what we all suspected — that AT&T will finally launch an Android handset. Going back to that “waiting for a decent device to launch with arguement”, why launch a “new” handset 4-6 months after everyone else has had it? I understand that the Hero is a damn good Android phone, but with the absolute beauty that is the Sholes/DROID coming out soon and who knows what else in the wings for 2010, the Hero won’t cut it for a flagship, 1st Android device. I would think a completely unique and exclusive handset would make it’s way to AT&T. I guess I thought wrong. There’s still time though. We’ll see how it goes. Anyone else happy/sad/wishing for more?

Phone Arena

Xperia X3 to pack the fastest version of Android yet?

Speed freaks looking forward to an Android device that can be used without lag from such simple things as swiping between homescreens, fresh rumors cropping up surrounding the upcoming Xperia X3 are quite the head turner. The monstrous 4-inch 852 x 480 touchscreen may be enough for some. Even the 8 megapixel camera will seal the deal for many more naysayers. But the real proof in the pudding is the reported usage of the highly sought after Snapdragon processor. Said processor is better than the rest of the Android devices with their measly ARM11 proc’s which are sadly stuck at 528MHz. Why so? Well, the Snapdragon units, if they are in fact Snapdragon powered will fly past their slower siblings packin’ 1GHz speed. Rounding out the things to lust after on this phone include the Rachel UI that was spied a couple months back. Rachel is yet another, classy rendition of Android’s visual presence which is pretty hot to say the least. Hopefully Sony develops and designs future hardware like the X3 as this one is looking to be quite a winner. Don’t you think?

By the way, don’t let the picture above trick you. Though this image shows an X3 running the already ‘outta my mind 1.6, it’s said that the final version will pack everything 2.0 has to offer. We can’t wait…

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Acer Liquid UI snapped

Acer’s Liquid UI enhancements have finally been set free from the inner sanctums of Acer HQ. What you’ll notice is a subtly tweaked UI — not bone stock, though not as reworked as HTC’s Sense UI. Personally, I love the stock Android skin, Sense UI, and Acer’s take on Android as well. What can I say, I’m easily pleased. Besides the mildly touched UI above, Acer also deemed it necessary to reveal more specs both software and hardware based. On the software front, a touched up dialer, app switching controls, and “socially aware” contacts take the cake. Moving to more tangible things, that which we already know:

  • 1GHz Snapdraggon brain clocked down to 728 MHz
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3.5″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • 5mp camera
  • 1,350 mAh battery

Again, hardware wise it’s nothing new. The battery in particular has me a bit worried that it’s going to peter out before you want to call it a day. That is, unless Acer has managed to wrestle a unicorn inside of this thing in which case anything is possible. Minor update I know. Hopefully it wets your appetite and at least holds you over until release time. Speaking of which, if you happen to catch that, let me know. Acer is trying to artificially build hype with a staggered revealing. *rolls eyes*

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Ideas for iPhone Springboard 2.0

The iPhone OS has come quite a ways since 1.0. Besides the often mentioned Cut,Copy, & Paste, many other enhancements both “under the hood” and visual have been implemented. However one feature that has gone wholly unchanged is springboard. Ok, you can swipe far left to reveal spotlight searching. So what. Big whoop. That isn’t that big of an update. The kind of update I’m talking about is that of navigating apps and springboard itself. The uber simple individual icon/grid approach that made the iPhone famous a couple short years ago is already wearing thing. With Apple pushing apps and encouraging people to hoard these digital time wasters, having a place to put them and then quickly an easily find them is becoming increasingly difficult with the current Springboard.

However, a few clever ideas by “Tog” have give hope that even if his ideas don’t make their way to iPhone 4.0 and beyond, hopefully Apple is at least watching. My personal favorite of Tog’s ideas is that of a vertical scrolling Springboard (pictured above) in addition to the normal horizontal. Giving your screen the extra space would be whole beneficial, though, with a non-moving dock I can see how this doesn’t quite have that Apple-esque flow. Still, the concept is intriguing and one worth looking more in to no?

Of course, if you simply give in to the jailbreak, countless innovative and revolutionary ways of organizing iPhone apps and navigating the Springboard have been conceived and released. Desktop variants of stacks, category based organization methods, and simple app launchers that give you the ability to hide icons have all given jailbroken iPhone’s the ability to continue the innovation on a front where Apple has stalled.

Stop by Tog’s article and give it a good look over. Then, if you aren’t familiar, spend a few minutes on Google looking at the iPhone version of stacks as well as several other navigation tweaks for jailbroken iPhones. Afterwards, comeback and pipe in a word or two on what you feel would work best. Heck, reveal some even more innovative navigation/organization method that we haven’t seen yet. Let your minds run…

Daring Fireball > Ask Tog

MOTOBLUR ported to G1 [Video]

Well sweet Jebus. Android how I love thee. If HTC’s Sense UI has lost the luster of your eye or simply isn’t your cup ‘o tea, perhaps you’d care to try your luck with Motorola’s new Android skin, “MOTOBLUR”, on your trusty G1? I sure would! That is…if I had a G1. Moving on, the dirty deeds are detailed in the vid above in case you’re feeling gutsy.

After the whole Google/Cyanogen drama, I’m sure Google, and more importantly Moto won’t be too thrilled with this harmless port. Hey, if you come to the open source game you better learn that open source individuals share…not restrict the free flow of information and goods. Hack away guys (and gals)!

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