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Holiday Verizon Smartphone Buyers Will Receive $200 Towards iPhone 4 Purchase.

Buying a seemingly bleeding edge device only to have a new one that trounces it announced a mere few weeks after your initial purchase is maddening, saddening, and frustrating. That very scenario no doubt happened to quite a few Verizon users who don’t stay up to date with their consumer electronics news over the holiday season. Normally, if you buy a phone and a better one comes out soon after, you’re stuck. But Verizon is really pushing the whole iPhone thing (and they should). A snippet from the Verizon iPhone FAQ page:

I just purchased a new smartphone during the holiday season, but if I knew that iPhone 4 was going to be available soon I would have waited. What are my options now?

Current Verizon customers who purchased and activated new smartphones, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between 11/26/2010, and 01/10/2011, are eligible to receive up to a $200 Visa debit card when they purchase an iPhone 4 at full retail price by 02/28/2011 and return their existing phone. Note: This offer is only available on consumer accounts with five lines or less, who are purchasing iPhone 4 through Verizon Wireless retail stores, telesales, or through

While you’re still looking at several hundreds of dollars to move from your recent smartphone to a new iPhone 4, the option to do so is a nice gesture no less. Even though we’re used to the old tried and true eBay method for funding new gadget purchases via the sales of old ones, we can certainly appreciate Verizon’s motives. Any VZW customers going to take up their offer?

Verizon Simplifying Plans, Sticking it to Cusomter in 2011.

It appears that Verizon’s anti-consumer policies are once again pushing full steam ahead. The leaked slide above details two very disheartening changes to Big Red’s network. First and foremost, early upgrades are out. Customers will now have to wait until after month 20 of their contract if they want any type of discount with their new upgrade. Second, the “New Every Two” deal that gave Verizon users a steep discount off of new purchases when renewing an expired two-year contract are effectively dead as well. It’s worth noting that in all cases highlighted, customers on one-year contracts are not affected.

I understand you have to pay the bills, but these changes are just ridiculous. Combine the above with the new, higher ETF’s and you have a a recipe for disaster. At this point, Verizon is becoming less and less relevant even if they do have super speedy LTE. And here we thought Verizon was getting better with this whole pro-consumer thing…

Look for the changes to go live by January 16th.
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Sprint Announces Froyo Rolling Out to Intercept in Coming Days. (But You Can Get it Now!) #android #froyo

Owners of the Android-powered Sprint Intercept will be pleased to know that the official Android 2.2 (Froyo) update is coming within days. But if you can’t wait, you can get things moving yourself by going to “Settings” > “About Phone” > “System Updates” > “Update Firmware/Android”.

Some of the new features added by the latest update include Sprint Navigation, Sprint Mobile Hotspot Support, and the full list of general Froyo improvements. Also included are various bug fixes for dropped calls and force closes among others.

More information can be found in the Sprint User Forums

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Apple Requests Halt of Photo Fast 11″ Macbook Air 256GB Upgrade Kit. #apple #photofast

You may recall a handy little upgrade provided by Photo Fast that brought a faster, and much larger 256GB SSD of sorts to Apple’s 11″ Macbook Air. Currently, Apple doesn’t allow 11″ Macbook Air owners to partake of anything more than 128GB of non-moving storage. And apparently, Apple wants it to stay that way.

The after market upgrade you see above has had sales suspended following conversation between Photo Fast and Apple. The latter of whom has requested an immediate freeze on sales — before the devices were even available for sale. The reason Photo Fast is giving in so willingly is simply because they don’t what to lose their licensing agreement with Apple to build “certified” Apple accessories (certainly understandable). Though Photo Fast has stated sales for the 256GB 11″ Macbook Air upgrade kit are again, “frozen”, and not canceled. Our guess is that they’re hoping some sort of deal can be worked out with Apple. I’m sure plenty of potential 11″ Macbook Air users hope the same too.

Any Macbook Air users peeved?

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OS 6 seen on 9650. Lethargic, yes.

Bittwesweet news for BlackBerry 9650 this morning — OS 6 has been spotted on your beloved VZW Bolds just as RIM had promised it would. However, there are a few caveats to deal with. First and foremost, just because RIM said it could happen, doesn’t mean it will. Verizon has the latest and greatest in testing. This we can see. But it is completely up to Big Red to actually go one step further push the update to end users. Of course, VZW has opened up quite a bit over the last couple of years. As such, there’s no real indication they’re going to keep slightly older hardware out of the loop.

Second, and perhaps more worrisome is that the official OS 6 toting 9650 in the possession of BBLeaks is showing some fairly high amounts of lag, even with 512MB of RAM. Again, worrisome news for 9650 owners, but even worse news for 9700 and Pearl 3G owners of whom both are also suspected to get OS 6 as well — and with half the memory to boot. With half the memory of the already laggy 9650, OS 6 on the 9700 and Pearl 3G doesn’t seem as great as it once did.

Hopefully RIM can tweak the OS more to run on these few supported classics. Of the 9650, 9700, and Pearl 3G, who’s planning on upgrading the OS and who’s jumping all the way in by getting the 9800 Torch?
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BlackBerry 6 upgrades: Bold 9650, 9700, and Pearl 3G.

So we’ve seen the new BlackBerry OS 6 and the shiny new Torch hardware that it runs on, but what about the rest of the CrackBerry nation? Take it for what it is folks, but only three models of currently available BlackBerries will be able to upgrade to OS 6 goodness — BlackBerry 9650, 9700, and Pearl 3G. Only three models seems pretty disappointing given the amount of BlackBerry hardware currently available. Then again, RIM has handsets ranging from bargain basement econo-berries to their flagship gems such as the 9700. Claiming they should be able to stuff OS 6 (and honestly it is a big update) onto the lowest of low-end hardware is a bit naive.

I’m just glad some old hardware is getting a prolonged life. But let’s not kid ourselves, the Torch is a hot piece of hardware. Anyone going to forgo upgrading to the new Torch and install OS 6 on your aging berry once the update is released from your carrier?
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Apple updates Cinema Display, iMacs & Mac Pros, releases Magic Trackpad and battery charger.

The big news surrounding Apple today is that it’s Tuesday — a day that at several points during the year is the birth date of new Apple products and mild refreshes. What did Apple have in store for us?

The iMac line did in fact get the highly rumored Core i3 dual-core processors for the lower end units. Ranging in speed from 3.06GHz-3.2GHz, the small increase in speed isn’t quite as important as the change in architecture. Intel’s Core i3 dual-core line is a considerably better proc than the aging Core 2 Duo. All iMac’s have received minor bumps in graphics cards (ATI 5670 and 5750) and slightly more capacious entry-level hard drive options. Awesomeness all around.

Moving onto bigger and better things, the iMac’s bigger brother, however, received an even bigger shot of muscle, with new processor options randing from 4 all the way up to 12 cores — 12…count them…12! Sadly we’ll have to wait a few more days-weeks as the new Mac Pros are listed as “coming in August”. At the very least, a few more days isn’t so bad, is it? I can lie and say I’d stress a 12-core Mac Pro, but it would be nothing more than pure bragging rights. Hey, we all deserve to smile.

Taking a step away from the computers themselves and focusing on accessories, Apple took the wraps off of their new Magic Trackpad — $69 — (think of it as a cross between the Magic Mouse and your standard laptop trackpad…except way bigger). I personally don’t have much use for the trackpad at this point, though I could see how it would be a huge help and time saver in many different types of editing applications and possibly even normal web browsing when gesture-based controls are used.

And last but not least — a new battery charger.

**Almost forgot — The IPS-based Cinema display now tops out at 27″ and features 2560 x 1440 resolution all for a cool $999.

Froyo now officially available. Carrier updates and custom ROMs on the near horizon.

If you’re an Android junkie looking for a little Froyo love, today is a big day. At the Droid X event, Google’s Andy Rubin just announced that the Froyo source has finally been finalized and released to the masses — HTC, Moto, normal commoners like you and I…everyone.

Of course, now we start another waiting game as carriers have to put Froyo through their own tests. Rooted Android users will benefit sooner however, as turnaround on a new Android version usually sees a fairly stable ROM out within a day or two and rock solid ROM a few days thereafter.

Not much longer folks…
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AT&T notifying customers via text of network improvements.

For as much as we rag on AT&T (and yeah, I kind of like it) it’s always nice to hear of something good coming from Ma Bell. Believe me, they need the good press more than anyone right now. On that note, AT&T released a network diagnostic app several weeks back that gave users the ability to send the diagnostic information back to AT&T. AT&T then in turn used said info to determine where to beef up their network. Some locations such as the heart of San Fran or Chi-town are a given — others not so much.

Either way, it does appear that AT&T is finally starting to get this whole company-customer relations thing, with reports indicating AT&T is sending out text messages to users, notifying them of upcoming network upgrades in their area. (See picture)

It really is nice to see AT&T reaching out and actually telling customers what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. Kind of makes that diagnostic app and submittal scenario worthwhile, huh? Any GS readers receiving text messages from Ma Bell such as the text above?

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