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Hulu Plus Subscription Chopped Down to $7.99. #huluplus

Hulu Plus was a valiant effort by the big TV networks to jump into this whole web streaming revolution. But a high price, usage of ads in a paid product, and a selection that wasn’t exactly spectacular marred the service from the start. Since then, we’ve heard Hulu execs claim that it is doing amazingly well (summarized quote of course). Though it can’t be doing all that well if we’re looking at a new, lower price this morning…
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How-to: Disable the Power Limiter on the GTX 580. #nvidia

No, my GTX 580 hasn’t quite arrived yet. That little venture of joy starts tonight. But for those of you who have received your GTX 580′s and prepared to benchmark the living joules out of them, you’ve no doubt found out about Nvidia’s new power-limiting feature of the card. Included within the new drivers are special conditions for certain high-stress applications and services. When certain applications such as popular benchmarking tool, Furmark, are used, Nvidia has the cards throttle down to limit heat and protect the inner components.

But thanks to one handy PC enthusiast, we can let the GTX 580 break through its digital shackles and really stretch its legs…
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Microsoft Re-launches Games for Windows Live.

For PC gamers, one of the most widely used and popular digital storefronts is Steam. Steam has a vast library, an intuitive interface, and pretty respectable prices. Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live on the other hand isn’t as big nor as popular. But one thing that does tip the scales in their favor is the ability to use Xbox Live Gamertag points on Windows Live and vice versa. The best of Xbox on the PC if you will. Up until today, Microsoft’s Games For Windows Live storefront required it’s own standalone app. But that ends tonight.
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Keep Holding: No New Wii for 2011…or 2012

Those holding out on upgrading current gaming consoles for a possible Wii 2 in 2011 won’t like the official news. That is, the news is that there won’t be any news. Nintendo U.S. exec Reggie Fils-Aime cites the Wii’s still excellent sales rate as reason for letting it stick around a while longer. Ok, so 2011 is out. But what about 2012? Not likely. According to Reggie Speculating based on Reggie’s comments, 2013 is the absolute likely the earliest we’ll get any new Nintendo-branded hardware.

On one hand, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That saying doesn’t work in the gadget world. Unfortunately, gadgets are replaced so quickly that many are old long before their first birthday. On that note, it’s somewhat worrisome for Nintendo to believe the Wii will continue growing as it has. The only reason it did was because it was the only motion-based gaming platform. Now that two vastly superior (graphically speaking) consoles have motion based gaming of their own (which is also arguably better than the Wii’s), Nintendo needs to be thinking about what to do next now…not later.

Of course, Nintendo could be pulling a Sony — Deny everything regardless if everyone already knows the truth or not. But look at the bright side. No new hardware means more money in your pocket.

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Gadget Porn: Boxee Box Disassembled. #boxeebox

By this time of the week, you are all likely ready for the weekend. Tired of life’s toils and tribulations that bombard you each week day, having a couple days to yourself is nothing short of home-grown paradise. So how about kicking of that staycation of yours with a little gadget porn — a Boxee Box disassembled and ‘splayed across a table, ready for your eyes to comb over.

iFixit has your fix…
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Settle The Hell Down: GameStop Customer Shot and Killed During Armed Robbery.

The next time you walk into a GameStop store, double check and make sure it’s not being robbed at that particular point in time. Unfortunately for one Mr. Adrian Tyrone Snow, he picked the worst of times to go game shopping. As he walked through the door, the two armed robbers whom already tied up the store employees proceeded to tie up Mr. Snow, whom went on to resist the robbers’ advances. Sadly, the robbers shot Mr. Snow twice. He later died at the hospital from his wounds.

The pair of suspects — Giovannte Maddox and Demarkus Williams — are believed to be the same suspects that robbed several other surrounding GameStop stores in recent days. Unfortunately for Mr. Snow, the local law enforcement didn’t catch them soon enough.

Now is a good time to remind everyone that if you’re feeling violent, put the game down, take a walk, take a nap — something.
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The Foot Hath Been Shot: Hulu’s Attempts to Block Boxee Box Black Out Most Online Users.

Big content-owning companies (and companies who do business with them) aren’t the most intelligent, often being completely blind to the larger picture. Case in point: Hulu blocking any device that accesses their free, public web streams. The theory and rationale behind it is beyond backwards and stupid. But arguing about that could take weeks, countless pages, and at least a few trips to some heart-healthy fast food joint. For the sake of time and health, we’ll just say that the whole Hulu blocking tactic is ridiculous.

On that note, it appears an update pushed out by Hulu to block the newly released Boxee Box isn’t quite working as planned. Apparently, users on various browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are seeing a block message stating that they are using a Boxee Box and are therefor ineligible to watch whatever it is they’re trying to watch.

A rather minor issue no doubt. But an issue that doesn’t have to exist in the first place. You stay classy Hulu. God knows I love your paid “premium” service that still crams ads down my throat.
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Microsoft: “No Plans for a New Xbox”.

Looking anxiously at your “Countdown ’til the next Xbox” calendar? Well…don’t. Because according to Microsoft, you’ll be waiting for a while. According to Microsoft’s Xbox and Entertainment Director Stephen McGill, they’re confident that their current 360 hardware and recently launched Kinect can hold their on in the coming years. Sadly, they are sorely mistaken. When developers complain the PS3 is too weak it’s time to start thinking about upgrading. Nonetheless, they’re sticking to their guns.

On the other side of the argument, there are still quite a few new games that don’t tap the full potential of any of the currently available systems. Though, that number of games is getting smaller with each passing month.

Actually, I’m pretty sure Microsoft is “thinking about” new systems, and probably already has a few concepts and/or working prototypes behind closed doors. They would be stupid not to. Sitting by twiddling your fingers with 5-year old hardware and blissfully believing you have a snowball’s chance in hell 2-3 years from now with the same hardware is border line insanity.

What’s your call? Think Microsoft can stick it out?
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Alienware M17x R3 to Feature ATI 6970/Nvidia 460 and 93Wh Battery.

Those looking for the next latest and greatest gaming laptop can call off the search and bring in the dogs. Alienware has just what you need with the M17x R3 (Revision 3). This 17″ monster packs the latest AMD 6870/6970 mobile GPUs as well as the option for an Nvidia GTX 460 if the mood strikes. Look for massive heatsinks (relative) to accompany the pixel pushing hardware. Powering it all is a 9-cell 93Wh battery that should in theory give it more than 47 minutes of battery life. Other perks such as a 3D-capable display (optional) and 3.2-megapixel web cam are but two of lesser important features that ultimately come together in this gigantor mobile gaming rig.

Expect to pay dearly for the privilege of M17x R3 ownership.
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Gran Turismo 5 Staying Up North For Christmas. Another Delay Rumored To be in the Works.

Fans of the seemingly vapor-ware Gran Tursimo 5 will want to take a seat if they’re envisioning a holiday full of GT5 racing. It appears that GT5 may not make it in time for the end of year celebrations. Shocking, I know…
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Zotac GTX 460 x2: for those who want a streamlined SLI option.

Generally speaking, if you have one graphics card and want better performance, you buy a second and slap it into your rig. If your graphics card was laughably week to begin with, sometimes even upgrading to a more beefy single card is all that’s needed. Both single and dual-GPU configurations have the pros and cons. Thankfully, during most product cycles, Nvidia and ATI have given us the best of both worlds — “x2″ editions of GPUs which feature two GPU dies on a single PCB.

With Nvidia’s GTX 460 being hands down one of the most attractive options for cheap speed, SLI seems like a no brainer. Hell, two of these cards pair together can easily beat a single GTX 480 as well as stand toe-to-toe in several different games with CrossfireX ATI 5850′s and to a slightly lesser degree, CrossfireX 5870′s. Obviously, these cards have some power.

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VLC Now Available for iPhone!

Media junkies celebrate! VLC Media Player is now available. Verson 1.1.0 brings a few enhancements (from the prevoius un-released 1.0 version) including the ability to delete files on the iDevice without having to go through iTunes, a bunch more of codecs are now recognized, and quicker decoding. Sounds like a win to me. Free in the App Store — go and get it!