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Microsoft Dropping Support For Vista SP1.

If you’re still rockin’ a computer with everyone’s favorite OS, Windows Vista, and only have up to Service Pack 1 installed, Microsoft has a message for you: Upgrade or…upgrade. That is, upgrade to at least Service Pack 2 or just move on to Windows 7 entirely. While we’d highly suggest the latter, taking a mere bump in service packs is understandable.

The official date for the transition is July 12, 2011. After said date, users will no longer have access to security updates or patches from Microsoft.

While it may seem rather quick given Vista’s young age, the OS — which seems universally hated now that Windows 7 has matured — Windows 7 has proven the exact opposite. We have to ask: Who’s running Vista still?

Windows 7 upgrade chart is one big grouping of pain.

If you are a company big or small and want to see how not to release a product (and support information), go no further than the Windows 7 upgrade chart. What should be a rather simple affair with a chart that is pretty well laid out and easy to read ends up looking like an eye raping ordeal. As one can see form the shot above, the upgrade path is rather hairy with just about any upgrade path you choose meaning you’re going to have a lousy several hours the day you decide to do the upgrade/switcheroo. Just to get the point across, all of those little blue boxes that say “custom install” mean you will have to first back up your data, wipe your hard drive, and then continue to install Windows 7 — hardly what I’d call an “upgrade”. It’s pretty much like any other OS re-install and it sucks. Why Microsoft would choose to make the XP/Vista -> 7 move so much of a pain in the ass when they’re still even going to offer XP for downgrade through 2011 is beyond me. Oh well. At least once you get it installed it’s actually pretty sweet and worthwhile (this coming from a Mac guy!) Are you looking at the chart above and cringing in pain with the job you have set out before you? IT admins, are you ready to end your lives right now over the nightmare that is sure to ensue? Boy do I want to know what you’re thinking…..

Source: Engadget

As expected, Win7 upgrade not the greatest…


Those of you hoping for a rather seamless and smooth transition from Windows 7 RC to the full blown retail edition might come to find your fairytale world a little more gloomy than once thought. While Microsoft is being somewhat nice and giving us mortals the ability to “upgrade” from RC to the retail edition without first downgrading, after taking a deeper look one will notice it’s not really an upgrade at all. For example, upon using a Windows 7 retail upgrade disc, all of your old data, files, and programs will be stored in a folder called Windows.old meaning you’ll have to reinstall all of your stuff if you want to continue using it. Kind of defeats the purpose of an upgrade doesn’t it? Second, if you ever need to install from scratch somewhere down the line you’re going to have to pony up for the full blown copy. Sucks I know. But that is the way of the digital world all too often. Come October 22nd it would be a great idea to be a student, book store software discounts are might sweet.

Source: Gizmodo, Tech Blog

Microsoft: “Please waste your money on Vista, then upgrade to Windows 7″

I know, that’s a good joke.  But it’s a serious response from Microsoft.  They want businesses, particularly the 71% that have neglected to upgrade to Vista from XP to upgrade to Vista while theres still time.  Their reason?  Because of the similarities between Vista and 7, any problems companies face in Vista and get ironed out now will save them time when upgrading to 7 thereby making their upgrade process that much happier.  Also, an upgrade from XP to 7 is a big jump and problems are sure to pop up.  And when  you’re talking about a big coporation with thousands and possibly tens of thousands of machines those sometimes small problems can become giant headaches.  Still, no corporation in this economoy is going to spend a big chunk of change to upgrade to a shoddy OS when in a few months a newer, faster, and more efficient OS is coming out, at which point they’ll have to drop another chunk of change for.  All this is, is Microsoft trying to grab every dollar they can and maximize what little money they can still take in with Vista before sending it to its early grave.  So if any coporate IT admins are reading, has your company upgraded to Vista?  Are they planning to?  What about 7?  Let us know.

Source: Alley Insider

The Ballmer wants your company to upgrade to Vista now…Or Else!

It’s no surprise that Vista hasn’t caught on in the enterprise world as a remarkable 71+% of computers in the UK still run XP.  Worldwide, XP still has a 64% grasp on the OS market.  A commanding lead.  Everything from program incompatibilities to cost have kept companies from adopting the new operating system.  At a recent interview between Computerworld UK and Cnet, Steve Ballmer kept stressing the point that the corporate world needs to “make their employees happy” and adopt Windows Vista as soon as possible.  I don’t know if happiness and Vista can be used in the same sentence.  You be the judge.  This is a laughable and obvious response to a CEO defending a publicly condemmed OS trying to scrap every dollar he possibly can.  Why would someone spend a couple hundred dollars on an unpopular OS in the current economic situation when Windows 7, (an acutal glimmer of hope from Microsoft) is right around the corner. *more or less…a slightly distant corner*.  If I were you and hadn’t upgraded to Vista yet, wait!  Wait until Windows 7 as it has been revealed that there will be an “upgrade“, complete wipe labeled an “upgrade” option from XP to 7.  So corporate CFO, will you adopt Vista now, late in the game?  Or, will you hold out just a little longer for 7?

Source: Cnet

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC coming…NOW!


Coming now in the sense that you’re a Microsoft tester.  However outlandish and crazy it sounds, there may be some individuals who won’t switch to Windows 7 and throw Vista to the curb once the new hotness comes out. (God help their souls).  I don’t know what would motivate them to do something so unspeakable, but to each his own.  Anyway, for those Vista lovers, Microsoft will appease the loyal few with a second service pack.  So what’s in Vista SP2?  Come on…keep going… +Continue Reading

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 now official

Everyone’s favorite Internet Explorer 8 left the “beta” stage as of noon today and is now official Internet Explorer 8 RC1.  According to the IE development team, the browser is feature complete.  The difference between beta 2 and RC1 really isn’t that great at all.  One of the few areas that have been upgraded is the InPrivate Browsing feature which allows you browse “safely”.  (As long as this option is checked, the browser will not store cookies, history, downloaded files, etc.).  Start up time also receives a healthy boost but sadly still falls behind Safari and Chrome.  Can’t win ‘em all can  ya?  Nit picks aside Microsoft has added one feature that is a very welcome addition.  What is it?

If you haven’t heard of “click jacking”, you need to read this.  Click jacking is when someone creates a fake frame on a webpage in order to trick you into clicking on links that take you to places you don’t want to go or do things that you don’t want to do.  IE 8 is the first browser to offer protection against these kinds of attacks.  Oddly enough XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit versions get the new beta while Windows 7 beta is stuck with the older IE 8 beta.  For a full review of IE 8 RC1 head on over to PC Mag.

Source: PC Mag, Slashdot

Survey says: XP still the speed king

Since Windows 7 beta’s leak and then public release, there have been many posts on how “real world” tests are showing it to be faster than Vista (not hard) and XP.  Do those claims hold any truth?  Infoworld conducted benchmark tests between XP, Vista, and 7.  The results?  XP is still the speed king, 7 trails slightly, and Vista is sucking the dust of the other two.  Infoworld goes on to explain how as processors gain more and more cores and processing power, 7 will surpass XP.  The reason for the slow down with dual and quad core processors is that 7 comes with extra code to manage the multi core processors.  Again, as speeds and cores increase, this current limitation will turn out to be the winning factor.  For the full geek stats head on over to Infoworld.

Benchmark against just Vista

Benchmark against Vista and XP


Source: Engadget, Info World

Uh-Oh: Huge Windows virus spreading like wildfire.


If you are one of the majority of computer users who use Windows, put down your drink and read carefully.  A virus known as the “Conficker Virus” is a massive security threat to Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 7!  Said virus is easily spread if it is on an infected USB memory stick/flash drive.  When you plug in the stick/drive, Windows runs an “auto-play” feature that searches for programs on that particular drive.  The virus then hijacks the process disguising itself as a folder that can be opened.  Once clicked on, the virus installs itself and then the bad stuff starts. +Continue Reading