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A boat load of Android Themes


While I don’t yet have an Android device, the clock on my contract is ticking down to an eventual end. With that, the move to Android will be a welcome fresh start for me. Being the person that I am, that is, I love change, Android themes will certainly play an integral part in my new journey with Google’s mobile OS baby. If you’v spent hours on Google trying to find that theme, I can happily say your search is over. is a central hub chock full of themes for Android covering just about any style and genre you can imagine. I know where my first stop will be when I get to wrap my fingers around my first Android device.

Stock BlackBerry 9700 (OS Wallpapers inside!

Many BlackBerry users, especially the geek and tinkers in the world love the ability to fully customize their BlackBerries with custom themes, wallpapers, and sounds. Building on that addiciton, the BlackBerry 9700 that is slated for release in just a few short weeks is no doubt the most lusted BlackBerry to date. One particular feature that many Berry users are clamoring for currently are copies of the wallpapers (shown on commercials) that are included in the new OS that ships with the 9700. Often times, finding such new and niche things can be a chore on the vast expanse of the web. However, thanks to Benezblog (Google translated), all BlackBerry users can get an early start on the new hotness. If you want to cash in on the new wallpaper eye candy, step inside and start the download madness! (11 New wallpapers inside)

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New Snow Leopard wallpapers make early entrance

Even though Apple designs some pretty cool UI elements and environments, their taste isn’t always your taste. Thankfully end users have many options in changing up their desktop and UI elements to suit their needs and keep themselves in the happy camper group for most of their lives. For those of you who like pretty pictures and are anxiously awaiting the up and coming OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard release, a Snow Leopard beta tester has graciously uploaded the entire set of new Snow Leopard wallpapers over at Uneasy Silence. While this isn’t anything too major or exciting, it may be just the ticket to get you through yet another painful monday.

Source: Mac Rumors

Wallpaper and Icon Android resources


Make no mistake, Android a slick looking and fully functional operating system that has tons going for it.  However, like all nerds out there, customization is a very real need and want.  Being able to change the wallpaper as you see fit and the icons to match your current mood means everything in the world to someone who just can’t stand the same thing day in and day out.  A person who likes change needs options such as these to avoid getting bored.  Thankfully the Android community has plenty of options to get your creative genius sparked and the ideas flowing.

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Get all artsy with Windows 7 RC’s wallpapers. [Downloads]

If you like different and what I would call more “cartoony” wallpapers, the wallpapers included in the latest Windows 7 RC 1 download are sure tickle your fancy.  While they’re more “out there”, random, and maybe even abstract designs aren’t my cup of tea, I’m sure many of the more expressive individuals out there will feel right at home displaying these on your desktop.  If that be the case and you either can’t or don’t want to install the RC 1 release on your computer, you can step inside and get a copy of the wallpapers without any hassle.  Go crazy!

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JackRebel beats the blah out of your computer

Do you like to tweak your computers’ settings?  Is the first thing you do when freshly installing a new operating system or buying a new computer to completely change the look of the UI or add your own personal effects?  If so, Jack Rebel is a neat site that is definitely worth a look.  JR is chock full of icons, wallpapers, dock themes, iTunes skins, and more!  If you’re feeling a little bored, and tired of looking at the same old thing on your computer, stop by Jack Rebel and see what he has to offer!