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Custom iOS 5 Widgets Are Possible. But Will Apple Allow It?

  • June 10, 2011 2:22 pm

It is still uncertain whether or not Apple will provide 3rd party developers the necessary APIs and clearance to create custom widgets for the new Notification Center pulldown, but already developers are finding their own ways of making such things possible. According to one develop on Twitter by the name of @WillFour20, the process isn’t all that difficult.

We’re really hoping Apple gives developers the ability to create their own widgets as we’ve got at least a couple dozen ideas of our own that would blend in with said functionality on iOS 5 wonderfully. With that said, we’re sure there are plenty of other good ideas floating around out there. Whataya say Apple?

Apple shoots themselves in the foot again, rejects Dashboard iPad app as it would “confuse customers”…

  • April 9, 2010 4:39 pm

Each and every time Apple wows me (as they did with the OS 4.0 preview yesterday), they come right back around and punch me in the face. What am I talking about? A rather nifty iPad app that mimicked the style of the OS X Dashboard was rejected for the bullshit reasoning that it “contradicted the iPad’s user experience”. I know there are some real “bright” people out there but come on Apple. If someone knowingly downloads an app, I’m pretty sure even the rockiest of the bunch could figure out when they are and aren’t inside of a simple app. *Shakes head*.

It’s things like this that constantly make me take a step back form the iPhone platform and re-evaluate just how much common sense seems to be lacking here. The video below highlights all the awesomeness iPad users could have had if Apple weren’t such a bag of hurt themselves…


Dashboard on iPad from Rich Hong on Vimeo.

Gizmodo > TechCrunch > Github

Bolt browser for BlackBerry gains widget support.

  • February 4, 2010 9:42 am

Mark your calendars BlackBerry users and mobile internet aficionados, February 15th is the day in which the Bolt browser gets a big upgrade to version 1.7. The biggest boasting point of the new version is widget support. Using said feature will be easily accessible via a separate widget menu within the browser as to make using the widgets easy and intuitive.

In addition to the new widget support, Bolt also supports popular web technologies (not Flash) such as Ajax and Javascript. One other honorable mention is that the new widget features are written in standard W3C code to make development and compatibility easy on developers and consumers alike. Overall, it’s worth upgrading.

Any BlackBerry/Bolt users care to chime in on the new widget support?


Android 2.1 Google News/Weather widget available for download.

  • December 20, 2009 7:52 pm

Android 2.1 (Flan) may or may not be available (depends on your level of Android hackery) yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least have one of the shiny new features 2.1 brings. For 2.1 Google has thrown in a new weather/news widget. It isn’t anything groundbreaking but nonetheless is a nice addition to the stock allotment of widgets.

The weather widget is rather simple and shows the city, current conditions, and temperature while the news widget is a bit deeper allowing customization showing/hiding various news categories and even creating your own. Overall it’s a nifty download worth installing. Get on it folks.

**In order to install the 2.1 Google News/Weather widgets, Navigate to Settings > Applications and check “allow install of non marketplace apps”.

  • Download Android 2.1 Google News/Weather widgets from DroidForums

Download it and give it a go.

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HTC to release widgets for non-HTC devices?

  • December 17, 2009 9:45 am

After my colorful rant voicing my displeasure for HTC’s move to C&D LevelupStudios and their “Beautiful Widgets” which mimicked the Sense UI widgets, I was mad, sad, and frustrated. But a few obscure, hidden gems on AndroLib highlighted by one eagle-eyed Phandroid commenter digs up some dirt that could very well make me eat my words.

The three test applications in the picture above show nothing more than a “test” application put forth by HTC themselves. Awesome, what’s the significance? The HHHTest app in particular was given a deeper glance by that eagle-eyed commenter and was found to house the following verbiage:

On the surface it doesn’t look like much. But if you recall waaaaaay back in June, prior to the Sense UI release, Sense UI was actually called by it’s internal code name — “Rosie”. So “Rosie Widgets” as highlighted in the sample HHHTest widget would lead a cognitive mind to speculate that HTC is close to pushing out HTC widgets for non-HTC devices. Consider me intrigued and excited.

If a price tag is attached, hopefully it’s not something too absurd like $4.99 for the popular weather + flipclock combo. Although, even with Beautiful Widgets last version — weather animations and other refinements — it wasn’t quite as good as HTC’s variant. Perhaps $2.99 or $3.99 would be a better approach.

Oh HTC, you sure do toy with my emotions…

Android Central

BerryWeather 2.0 allows desktop weather background and more!

  • December 7, 2009 6:12 am

Back in my BlackBerry days when I took a brief hiatus from my iPhone to rekindle the love fest that got me hooked on smartphones to begin with, I stumbled across a pretty good weather app called BerryWeather. It wasn’t terribly deep or full of features but it looked pretty nice to most eyes — something many BlackBerry apps simply can’t claim. I have since strayed from my roots but do find it interesting to keep up with BlackBerry app news most days. If you’re looking for a fairly robust and aesthetically pleasing BlackBerry weather app, BerryWeather has been updated to 2.0! The greatest new feature (to me) is the ability to set the weather as your custom background — a pretty cool trick if I do say so myself. Other improvements include updated weather maps/radars, visual tweaks throughout, weather advisories and so much more. It is on the higher end (coming from someone used to cheap Android and iPhone apps) at $9.95. But for the weather junkies yearning to have functionality and style, BerryWeather is worth a gaze or two.

Is 2010 the year BlackBerry becomes “Consumer Cool”

  • November 11, 2009 3:54 pm


After pouring over countless articles, slides, and pictures from RIM’s Developer conference the last couple of days, I have to admit I am really impressed by RIM’s consumer minded showing. The simple addition of BlackBerry Themes in App World combined with Widgets and actual 3D games to boot instantly jumped RIM and the BlackBerry platform up a few rungs in my book.

There’s no doubt about it, for consumers focused on multimedia and entertainment, the iPhone is where it’s at. Android still offers considerable amounts of entertainment though not as robust or rich as the iPhone’s. But where Android lacks in one area it more than makes up in another giving users almost unlimited options for customization and scalability.

So far, RIM has been wallowing in the gallows with WinMo on the consumer front with outdated GUI’s, luke warm apps, and an overall cold business cloud hanging over head. After this conference, I’m much more confident RIM can continue their move into the consumer market. Will they dethrone the iPhone over night if ever? No. But it will definitely bring the BlackBerry into or back into the minds of many whom and written it off as their dad’s business device.

Now I understand that even with some fancy widgets and themes you can’t slap lipstick on a pig and instantly have a creature of beauty (comparing OS 5.0 to OS 4.1/2′s core features and updated UI). But when strictly looking at consumer/multimedia/entertainment value, do you feel RIM has finally — if a bit late — gotten their ducks in somewhat of a row? Will 2010 be the year that BlackBerry becomes “consumer cool”?


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