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Delayed Unlimited WiFi Calling Dropping On T-Mobile Tomorrow.

Well that was quick — The recently leaked and then delayed re-launching of unlimited WiFi calling on T-Mobile U.S.A is back on again. The new launch date is thankfully very soon — tomorrow, May 13th. From the horses mouth:

Currently, placing calls over Wi-Fi deducts from a customer’s in-plan minutes. Effective5/13, a new feature will launch that will allow customers with capable phones the ability to place calls over Wi-Fi without deducting from in-plan minutes! This is not only a great value, being FREE, but can help customers who experience coverage issues in areas that Wi-Fi is available.

This new feature is available to all Even More and Even More Plus Postpaid rate plans for customers with Wi-Fi Calling capable handsets.

We surely hope T-Mobile can stay afloat without AT&T’s help solely for reasons such as this. Unlimited WiFi calling has always been a T-Mo-only feature. With that said, we have 100% certainty that an AT&T-owned T-Mobile would see prices raised and features cut. That’s just how they do business.

Anyone with compatible WiFi phones can begin the celebrations starting tomorrow morning…

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T-Mobile Delays Unlimited WiFi Calling/UMA Re-Launch.

WiFi calling aficionados on T-Mobile U.S.A. were no doubt looking forward to today’s official unveiling of the new unlimited WiFi calling plans. The news, however, has changed rather drastically. T-Mobile has stated via an internal document that the new feature and service will be delayed, with a future date noted though not specifically detailed.

Delayed Launch of Free Wi-Fi Calling Feature
The launch of the new free Wi-Fi calling feature has been delayed. This launch was originally scheduled for May 11, and you may have seen communications or references to it.
Support teams are engaged and working toward launching this new feature as soon as possible. We will re-communicate the launch date and details of the offer when we have confirmation on the new date.

For the curious folk, the unlimited WiFi (UMA) plans would have allowed users to choose cellular plans that would make all calls placed over WiFi networks “free” — the minutes wouldn’t be subtracted from your monthly allotment of minutes.

We’ll be sure to update you once T-Mobile publishes a new launch date.

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Eye-Fi X2 Upgrade Brings Smartphones and Tablets Into the Mix.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of attention paid to WiFi-enabled memory cards from the likes of Eye-Fi. At this year’s CES, the company is taking the wraps off of their newest Eye-Fi X2 card upgrade which brings new functionality to new and old cards alike. With the new X2 upgrade, Eye-Fi users can now extend wireless sharing and uploading to a nearby smartphone or portable device. Combined with other Eye-Fi features such as wireless backup and media sharing and you’ve got yourself another reason to buy more memory cards. Hey, you can never have too much, right?
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Free City-wide WiFi Stagnant. Blame the Economy, Capacity Woes.

Free, city-wide WiFi has been the dream of many consumers for several years over. With the internet expanding into more and more areas of our lives, having cheap or free access is a great thing to have. And for a while, it looked like countless cities around the country were on track to go wireless. That is until the economy tanked, taking city-wide wireless funding with it.

Now, several years after the big push began, you’d be hard pressed to find cities actively deploying city-wide WiFi or even talking about it. Why…?
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Nook Color Now Shipping. Nook 3G Update Coming Next Week. #nookcolor

Fans of the popular first generation Nook who also ordered the new Nook Color will be pleased to know that the device is officially shipping. Compared to the first-gen Nook as well as several other big name e-readers (including the Kindle), the Nook Color almost appears like a tablet computer of sorts. With Android 2.1 being the main powerhouse behind the 8GB of memory, 7″ 1024 x 600 display, and WiFi b/g/n, it almost doesn’t fit into an “e-reader” category.

Nonetheless, it’s a mighty fine device. However, it will be interesting to see how moving away from e-ink to LCD fares with the hungrier book worms of the crowd. In particular, the battery life has tanked from 10 days to a mere 8 hours. Not to mention, LCD isn’t nearly as easy to read as the more “paper-like” e-ink.

In other news: Nook 3G owners can expect an update to drop next week which will bring among other things, faster page turn times, “Reading Now”, and customized library organization.

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iOS 4.2 Delayed 1+ Weeks Because of Last Minute iPad WiFi Bug?

Bad news bears for iOS 4.2 hopefuls who were planning on staying home from work tomorrow to update their iOS devices to version 4.2 — An apparent WiFi bug affecting the iPad has caused the update to be put on hold. Specifically, the iPad running the latest GM build of iOS 4.2 had a problem in which it would drop any WiFi connection after a few minutes. Supposedly Apple is already on top of it and has a second GM build ready to go for tomorrow. However, it will take several days of extensive testing to make sure any remaining bugs are removed for good, meaning we the people won’t see iOS 4.2 until sometime next week — most likely next Friday.

So no, this weekend won’t be spent pillaging through the inner sanctums of iOS 4.2 on your iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone. But it just gives us something to look forward to next weekend, right?

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Have a busted NES cartridge, need a wireless router? Here ya go!

I thought this was pretty damn sweet. And since I have two copies of an old Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout game for my NES, one of them is becoming a new Wireless router. I know I have brought the fury when it comes to the raping of NES products, but since I have two of them (I stole one from a friend when I was like 8 years old), I am going to use it for this project.

Found this through Kotaku, which was found by them over at Instructables. I am definitely going to give this a shot.

I’ll have to dig up my soldering iron. But once I do, this one is on like Donkey Kong.

[ Unconventional hacker]

First Smartphone to Gain WiFi Direct Certification: Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000).

Generally speaking, brand spankin’ new specs and technology have to wait for a hardware refresh from various manufacturers to get absorbed by the masses. Other times, a simple software patch is all that’s needed. In regards to WiFi Direct — Think of it as a supercharged Bluetooth. — a whole slew of currently available devices are supposedly WiFi Direct-capable after a painless software update.

However, Samsung will get to enjoy beating everyone else to the punch. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) will supposedly be the first group of users to gain the ability to transfer files to and from nearby devices via WiFi. Of course, all Samsung (and subsequently the carriers) will have to do is issue a small firmware update unlocking the capability from the hardware inside. While I have no doubt Samsung will be relatively light on their feet with the update, carriers aren’t exactly the quickest at pushing exciting new patches.

Galaxy S users, are you stoked?
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200MB and tethering plans now official on T-Mobile U.S.

Consider yourself a bird-like eater when data is concerned? Good news T-Mobile user: You can now partake of smaller meals. The smaller 200MB data plan that we talked about a couple of weeks ago is now official and live. For the low price of $15/month, you can now rest assured that you’re not paying for something you don’t use. Perhaps even better, however, is that changing to this new data-lite plan doesn’t require a 2-year extension — a very nice thing if you’re looking at jumping ship anytime in the near future.

For those with bigger appetites, T-Mobile is still keeping around their $30 unlimited plan w/ bandwidth throttling to keep everyone happy.

In other news: road warriors will be glad to know that T-Mobile’s official “Tethering and WiFi Sharing Plan” is also a go. Costing $15/month on its own, this plan will allow select smartphones to share their connection with other gadgets. Though do make note, it’s only available on the $30 unlimited plan. But who’s really going to want to tether on 200MB/month…?
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