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Clear Dismisses Verizon’s LTE Threat: “Why Count Every Megabyte?” #vzw4g

On Wednesday, Verizon revealed to the world their plans regarding their next-gen LTE network. It’s fast, that’s for sure. Many preliminary reviews are showing downloads peaking at a brisk 32Mbps. However, real world speeds once eager users jump on board will fall back to the quoted 5-12Mbps range that Verizon has stood by for some time.

But while nerds and techies alike laud Verizon’s newfound speed, at least one group isn’t getting in the festive mood. Clear (formerly Clearwire — WiMax) dismissed Verizon’s growing cries of “4G” network supremacy. More specifically, Mike Sievert, Chief Commercial Officer of Clear took to the company blog today with a rather surprising approach. Instead of focusing purely on network speeds, they called out Verizon on something potentially even more important with these next-gen high speed data networks — usage caps…
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Sprint WiMax Rollout Continues. #wimax #sprint

Good news for WiMax hopefuls — several more cities have been added to the list while one city has been green-lighted early. As for the latter city, LA residents were promised WiMax by December 1st. Sprint was feeling in the giving mood however and took it upon themselves to flip the switch two days early, and blanket the greater LA area starting today. The list of new cities to join LA in WiMax coverage include: Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and Washington DC.

While WiMax got off to a very, very slow start, it appears that things are finally starting to pick up. Though it’s for good reason. Verizon and AT&T both of LTE plans with the former launching in 31 major markets by the end of 2010, and further increasing that reach in 2011. It’s definitely in WiMax’s best interests to get their own technology out into as many has as possible.

With that said, how’s the new WiMax treatin’ everyone this morning?

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Sprint Boasts That They Are the Only “True” 4G Network in N.A. #wimax

The “4G” wars currently going on in the U.S. are quite a sad tale indeed. Right now, the two big next-gen technologies are WiMax and LTE. In regards to T-Mobile’s claims that they are the “nation’s largest 4G network” — that’s crap plain and simple. Anyone who believes HSPA+ is a 4G technology needs to have their head examined. How they get away with false advertising as misleading as that is beyond me. It’s nothing more than a slightly tweaked UMTS Technology.

Moving on, AT&T and Verizon have chosen LTE as their next-gen network while Sprint has maintained their affinity for Clearwire’s WiMax solution. Both are decently faster than your typical HSDPA/HSUPA network, but both are a far, far from being “true 4G”. And anyone who argues against that point really doesn’t have a case. Instead, look forward to WiMax 2 and LTE-advanced for real 4G speeds that aren’t merely a small upgrade over current speeds.

The Official definition and specs that classify a network as “4G”:

An IMT-Advanced cellular system must have target peak data rates of up to approximately 100 Mbit/s for high mobility such as mobile access and up to approximately 1 Gbit/s for low mobility such as nomadic/local wireless access, according to the ITU requirements.

Put simply, 100Mbps up or down is required. 1st-gen LTE and WiMax don’t come anywhere close. So sorry, Sprint. While you correctly point out that your competitors upcoming highspeed networks aren’t true 4G, you fail to point out that yours isn’t either. That is all.
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Sprint WiMax Coming to LA by December 1st. #wimax

LA residents: You’re mobile browsing experience is about to get a kick in the buttons. By December 1st, Sprint will flip the switch on their latest locale, bringing to them the best that WiMax has to offer. Being that LA is a very large, very populated city full of tall, cellular signal-killing buildings, building up the network so that it was both robust and speedy enough took a bit of extra TLC. But now that we have Sprint’s Stephanie Vinge saying things like:

“Shhh… don’t tell anyone: Sprint to launch #4G in LA by Dec 1.”

…all we can do is smile and impatiently wait. Any LA readers preparing for the WiMax launch?

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[Update: Price and Release Date Added] ZTE Peel Coming to Sprint with 1GB Contract-Free Data Plan in Tow.

Many, many months ago, a device by ZTE called the “Peel” surfaced. It’s goal was to bring cellular data to non-cellular devices. The most obvious example of this is an iPod Touch. Simply sliding it inside the hallowed confines of the peel would turn your local-only device into a go-anywhere monster.

Fast forward 4 months and we now have a little bit clearer picture. Specifically, BGR has heard that device is in fact coming to Sprint. The price is still up in the air, however, data plan pricing looks to be somewhat restrictive — $30/month for 1GB of data. The saving grace of it all is that this is a contract-free plan, meaning no feeling of being stuck to said carrier for any amount of time.

Would you forgo the iPhone-carrier relationship in order to spend some quality time with a more casual iPod Touch, Peel-ified hybrid?


Updated information via BGR: November 14th for $79.99. Overage charges on data are set at $0.05/MB.
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LTE spec spec sheet leaks from the depths of VZW labs..

What better way to spend a Friday morning than oogling over Verizon’s LTE spec sheet currently making it’s way through Big Red retail training channels? As you can see, VZW is boasting quite loudly how their upcoming LTE network will be many times better than both Sprint’s WiMax or T-Mobile’s HSPA+ networks. And with speeds of 5-12Mbps down and 2-5Mbps up, I’d hop aboard the “bash the competitor’s network” too.

But there’s a problem here…
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i-exclusive iSpot 4G hotspot for iDevices and iDevices alone.

Take a gander at your gadget wishlist and check to see if this is on there: the iSpot, a mobile 4G hotspot for Apple mobile devices only. It’s $29 (normally $100) and uses MAC filtering to prohibit any other non-Apple device from connecting and surfin’ the 4G revolution. Why?

Yeah, it’s pretty cheap for now at $29 (with $25/month fee for 4G data access). But in my eyes, there doesn’t appear to be much of a market for this. Not to mention, when that price shoots back up to the $100 mark, it becomes a lot less useful or special. Who’s going to want to buy a mobile hotspot that’s tied to a particular manufacturers gadgets without any possibility of making new friends? A few Apple aficionados might jump on board, but nowhere near the mass quantities I think Clear believes will come in hoards.

Any Apple fans out there diggin’ the iSpot, or will you simply buy a “universal” 4G hotspot so you’re not limited with what you can connect to it?
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Woah: T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network ties, bests Sprint’s WiMax in Philly

Consider me a tad shocked. PhoneScoop ran some tests comparing Sprint’s new WiMax network against T-Mobile’s HSDPA+ network to see who really was the fastest in Philly. After all was said and done, T-Mobile actually came out on top with peak download speeds of 5,442 kbps and 1,888 kbps! Course, very little people are using T-Mo’s HSPA+ network at this point so of course the speeds are going to be up there. On the low end of the spectrum, T-Mo puttered out at 976 kbps down and 938 kbps up, with average speeds sitting right at a rather slick 2,960 kbps down and 1,283 up — still pretty damn decent.

Sprint’s WiMax on the other hand topped out at 4,066 kbps/978 kbps down/up with low end speeds falling all the way to 748 kbps / 60 kbps down/up. Sprint’s Wimax range is somewhat disheartening, though it all averages out to a more respectable 2,785 kbps down and 589 kbps up. Still as stoked with 4G?

It’s worth highlighting that in the 6 locations tested around Philly, speeds did vary quite a bit. As such, when expanding to a national scale (in the few markets Sprint’s WiMax and T-Mo’s HSPA+ are available), speeds will fluctuate fairly often and in pretty large amounts. So don’t get too bummed when you’re not hitting 5.5Mbps down.

Anyone thinking WiMax is a bit overhyped?
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1.5GHz powered, Froyo toting Scorpion coming to Verizon?

Android fans — this one’s for you. A “well-informed” source of Mobile Crunch is saying that an upcoming Verizon handset dubbed “Scorpion” will decimate all previous Android handsets. Yes — even the Incredible and Sprint’s Evo 4G pale in comparison. Most notably, the 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor steals the rumor show. But tails of Froyo just sweeten the deal even further. The biggest twist is the reported carrier — Verizon. In past rumors, the Scorpion was Sprint/4G bound.

This source — “conflipper” — is a seasoned Android hacker whom is pretty confident in his predictions. But why should we believe him, a single hacker? Look back over the last 12 months at all of the upcoming Android rumors. How often has their been a leak or rumor that didn’t pan out within 80-90% of the original rumor? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

1.5GHz Android phones here we come.
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AT&T getting cords in a twist over T-Mobile’s assertion: “Our HSPA+ offers *like* 4G speeds”. Frivolous lawsuit in 3..2..

First it was Verizon. Now it’s T-Mobile. AT&T just can’t stay happy, can they? Instead of Christmas cheer, raindeer, and dudes with glowing noses mocking Big Blue, it is T-Mobile ruffling a few of AT&T’s stiff feathers. The reason for distress: AT&T is unhappy with T-Mobile labeling their HSPA+ rollout as offering “4G-like speeds”.

Boo hoo…

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WiMax no longer Sprint’s 4G tech of choice? LTE jumps out the window as WiMax busts through the bedroom door…

As we’ve watched the 4G train travel along (albeit slowly), Sprint has made it pretty clear whom they think will be *the* next generation in wireless technologies. That is of course none other than WiMax itself. In the few markets it’s currently available in, test have proven that it is indeed fast. But there’s the nagging bit that it’s still only available in a few cities despite nearly a solid year of being available. Rolling out such speedy services does cost money. I’ll give you that. But another more eyebrow raising reason could signal why they’re been a little stagnant.

Even more eye raising however is an RPF with the word “LTE” and “Sprint” pairing together. Intrigued? Read on…

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WiMax 2 spec to see 300Mbps speeds. Drool cups of the world unite!

4G by way of WiMax is more of niche market here in the US. Currently, the places you can go and consume such speed are few and far between. Coupled with higher costs and relatively little marketing means adoption is slow with no real outlook of a speed increase…
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