Rely on GPS because you love traveling but have the navigational wit of “one too many drinks” college student? Or, are you the mobile workhorse, conducting interviews, phone-in meetings, etc. while in your car? That and so many more tasks that rely on wireless signals are going to see a new resistance come 2016 by a rather ridiculous law set to go live in California. The new law will require all cars sold in the golden state come 2016 to have a special coating on all windows consisting of a unique metal-oxide blend. The blend will reportedly block up to 60% of the suns rays (read: heat) from entering the car. A novel idea for sure, though do we really need this type of regulation. In their current economy, hell, the entire country’s, window glazes are a pretty low priority I would assume. Those metal oxides will work wonders not only on the sun’s rays, but also any wireless signal trying to enter your car. Those 5 bars of cell reception you get now will become as low as one or even none. A perfect example of a somewhat decent idea on paper making real life a pain. Of course, all types of “signal boosters” and “extenders” will crop up I’m sure. Here’s to hoping this glazing junk doesn’t spread to other states.

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