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Latest Windows 8 Screenshots Show Metro Kicking Aero To The Curb.

  • October 31, 2011 9:09 am

Looks like Microsoft’s Windows Aero interface which debuted in Windows Vista is getting kicked to the curb in Windows 8. While earlier builds and screenshots showed the Windows Phone 7 inspired Metro interface retreating to good ‘ol Aero graphics when drilling down into Windows menus/apps, the latest screenshots from the MSDN blog point to an Aero-less future after all.

We get Microsoft’s whole methodology with Windows Phone 7, tiles, and the Metro interface — simplicity is key. But we’ll be honest. The screenshot of the task manager above looks like it was taken from a Windows 95/98 era OS (read: It’s hideous). It’s almost 2012. Microsoft needs to figure out a way to harness simplicity without making use of the past.

What do you think? Is Metro the new prom queen?

Metro Style Windows 8 Browser Will Be Plugin Free.

  • September 15, 2011 8:06 am

The world wide web within Windows 8 and the Metro-styled Internet Explorer 10 will be a lot less…full. After years of constantly criticizing Apple for their lack of Adobe Flash support on their mobile iOS platform Microsoft is now beginning to sing the same Flash-less tune, though for a good reason…

Mouse Without Borders: Control Up To 4 Computers With A Single Keyboard And Mouse.

  • September 14, 2011 8:36 am

Windows 8′s new UI is big departure from Microsoft’s last few iterations of Windows. But through all the big marketing buzzwords and featured items, it’s often the little things that add up to create something wonderful and worth using time and time again. And while this feature we’re going to share with you isn’t specific to Windows 8, it’s timing should help the new OS nonetheless.

Developed by Microsoft Dynamics Developer Truong Do, Mouse Without Borders is a new way to control up to four separate PCs with a single mouse and keyboard which reside on the same network. Supposedly, Do developed the program after becoming frustrated with having to juggle multiple keyboard and mice layouts for his computers at work.

Mouse Without Borders is literally like having a KVM switch except better. With MWB users can navigate all connected computers and even copy/paste/drag-n-drop files between computers.

Lucky for us, Microsoft has made the 1.1 MB Mouse Without Borders program a free download. Get it now (Microsoft IT Website — Direct Download). Video after the break…

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Developer Preview, Promises Downloads Will Begin Next Week.

  • September 13, 2011 2:59 pm

Today officially kicked off Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference with a bang — the revealing of Windows 8 Developer Preview. The new preview is the most complete version of Redmond’s new OS to date and packs with it a slew of new UI enhancements and under-the-hood features begging to be tweaked by antsy developers. Speaking of which, Microsoft announced that starting next week within the next six hours the Windows 8 Developer Preview build shown off at BUILD will be available for developer download and public consumption soon after.

But besides the heavy handed UI changes throughout the OS, other changes such as a beta build of Internet Explorer 10 and ARM platform support will begin a new era for Microsoft and Windows.

Interested Windows geeks looking for more — much more — can hit up this link (PDF) to catch the full Windows 8 Developer Preview Guide or take a quick stroll through the official Windows 8 Fact Sheet (PDF).

From the looks of things Windows 8 will certainly be a love it/hate it approach to computing. We’re easily amused and adjust to changes rather quickly. Some of Microsoft’s older/business/traditional users may not be so eager for the coming changes. Like what you see?

In other news: Microsoft gave away 5,000 new Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC pre-release tablets for Windows 8 developers. The tablets include a 2nd-gen Intel Core i5 processor, Samsung Super PLS 1366 x 768 display, UEFI BIOS, 4GB DDR3, 64GB SSD, and a full year of data service (2 GB cap) compliments of AT&T. Each PC reportedly costs ~$1,099 meaning Microsoft just gave away $5,000,000 worth of hardware. Of course, the benefit of having excited and productive developers pushing your next-gen OS forward is more than worth it, especially considering the tens of billions Microsoft will make from them.

Screenshots after the break…

First Pre-Beta Build Of Windows 8 To Be Released This Week.

  • September 12, 2011 12:41 pm

According to numerous sources and Twitter accounts, Microsoft will officially release the first public build of Windows 8 at their BUILD conference which starts in less than 24 hours. The build will reportedly be a pre-beta 81xx build and move away from traditional developer-only access that has been used in previous Windows betas to a fully public approach.

While we’re not the biggest of fans of the tile interface shown off thus far, we’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve had a healthy dose of hands-on time. And if today’s rumors are any indication, that time will be arriving shortly.

In the meantime, My Digital Life forums has a healthy assortment of brand new, leaked screenshots that are supposedly from the pre-beta build of Windows 8 to be released tomorrow and carry the branding of “Developer Preview”.

The BUILD conference officially kicks off tomorrow at 9am PST.

Windows 8 Boots In…8 Seconds. [Video]

  • September 9, 2011 12:22 am

Windows 8 is promising a lot. One of the more intriguing features, however, is its more tablet-centric, Windows Phone 7 styled UI. Though there is one pretty big thing that would yank our attention away from pretty pixels — fast pretty pixels.

Thanks to the way in which Windows 8′s hybrid hibernation works, only the kernel session is saved to the hard disk via a stripped down hyberfile. Open apps, the biggest suckers of drive space and hibernate times, are left out in the cold.

After the break take a (quick) peek at a video showing a fully powered off computer boot into Windows 8′s Metro UI in just 8 seconds flat.

Windows 8 Start Bar Features Windows Phone 7 Minimalist Styling.

  • September 1, 2011 9:48 am

Well look at that. The Windows 8 startbar looks to be getting its most dramatic re-design in quite some time, mimicking Windows Phone 7′s minimalistic styling. We like it. A lot actually. What we don’t like is the alleged Windows Explorer re-design which incorporates that gigantor ribbon UI strip across the top of each Window. Not to mention, going all out with the heavily visual ribbon UI and the minimalistic start bar clashes terribly. Hopefully this wins out. What do you think?

Windows 8 Setup Screen Leaked. Tells Us Nothing New.

  • August 17, 2011 12:23 pm

A screenshot claimed to be a setup page within Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 developer build 8064 has leaked. While the screen itself doesn’t reveal much of anything, the source of the article, PCBeta, houses a list of new changes and tweaks in the latest build. It’s also been noted that DLL hacks to enable locked features are blocked as are any means of simply copying installs thanks to the use of new product keys.

  • A new wallpaper (5th generation)
  • A new BSOD (2nd generation) (back to blue with a smiley : ( ) — nice
  • A new bootscreen (2nd generation) (betta fish is gone)
  • A new installprep and WinPE look. (5th generation)
  • nternet Explorer 10 Developer Preview (pre release version) (with Internet Explorer 10 splashscreen)
  • A new colored “Windows” splashscreen during installprep loading file.
  • Immersive Remote Desktop (old)
  • Immersive Control Panel (old)
  • WinStore (old)
  • Windows 7 wallpaper deleted
  • New WiFi/Ethernet icons (old)
  • New Touch Keyboard icon
  • New genuine center (old)
  • Windows DVD Maker gone
  • Windows Media Center gone
  • New User avatar
  • New Advanced Security Setting tab (old)

Look for more Windows 8 news at next month’s BUILD conference with a public beta of Windows 8 launching at CES 2012.

Microsoft News: Windows 8 Gets A Blog, Windows Phone President Claims “Superiority” After Google/Motorola Announcement.

  • August 15, 2011 9:44 pm

So far the general populous as well as Android manufacturing world has praised Google for picking up Motorola Mobility in an attempt to establish a more secure future, protected future for Android. One outspoken critic has surfaced at Microsoft however. Windows Phone president Andy Lees came out swinging earlier today by claiming Google’s move makes Microsoft the more “equal”/open platform. Lees says that despite claims to the contrary, Google will inevitably give Motorola preferential treatment when it comes to new version of Android, Android updates, etc. and that Microsoft is the ultimate “open” platform. Kind of amusing considering Windows Phone 7 mimics Apple’s more closed ecosystem more than Android’s. Perhaps the comments were made because Windows Phone 7 is still a very distant contender in the mobile OS wars. Someone is a bit jealous…

Things are a bit rosier back at home on the desktop with Microsoft officially launching a new Windows 8 blog. The new blog, “Building Windows 8” is Microsoft’s attempt to better communicate and spread new Windows 8 news with the world at large in an attempt to drum up interest. From what we’ve seen so far, Microsoft has a pretty unique direction. Hopefully they can execute when the time comes.

Think Windows Phone president Andy Lees is speaking crazy talk? Can Microsoft really turn over a new leaf with Windows 8? Let us hear your thoughts after the break.