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Next gen Xbox in the works?

  • March 27, 2009 9:21 pm


All good things in life grow old. The young and beautiful become aged and withered. Even the almighty Xbox 360 and all of its gaming prowess is starting to turn the page on the latter half of its life as it is already 4 years old…the beginning of old in the technological world. Blizzard’s Rob Pardo has revealed that his company has participated in talks with Microsoft on their next gen replacement for the Xbox 360. All that is currently known is that the new Xbox will have better input devices as to allow better real time strategy games. That’s all for now. No price. No pictures. No specs. Sorry folks. At least it’s something.

Source: Pocket Lint

E74…the new red ring of death…

  • March 20, 2009 6:41 am


It seems as if only yesterday, the “Red Rings of Death” were in the forefront of tech news.  Xbox 360 users from far and wide were experiencing system maiming glitches in which the only solution was to wait a small eternity to get your fixed unit back.  Microsoft so far has payed dearly for the ‘ol RRoD to the tune of $1 billion+ to make good on their warranty claims.  With RRoD behind them, all was looking peachy for them.  That was until E74 started appearing.  What is “E74″ you ask.  E74 is an issue in which the Xbox 360 has either a faulty AV connector, or a more frequently common loosened AHA/HANA scaling chip.  It displays an error in the form of one red light on the bottom left of your Xbox (shown above).  Either way, it isn’t good news for Microsoft who just can’t seem to get the whole build quality thing down right.

Now it is worth noting that E74 “Red Arc of Death” *Engadget* isn’t new per say, it’s just that the number of reports of RAoD since October have been steadily rising making for another epidemic of broken Xbox’s and long waits for avid gamers.  A possible culprit is the NXE (New Xbox Experience) update that was pushed out back in Novemeber.  However, the reports of E74 started rising before the NXE update so it may be a bigger problem after all.  Poor Microsoft.  I feel bad for Xbox users who may have been hit by RRoD and possibly get hit again by E74.  So have you been lucky enough to have an Xbox that has withstood these nasty problems?  Or have you been bitten once or twice?  Let us know below!

Source: Engadget

Red coming to Xbox 360…not in the form of a ring

  • February 21, 2009 1:39 pm

If you haven’t picked up an Xbox 360 yet, or, simply need a 4th, you will soon have another option besides white and black.  Seems as if a red version of the 360 will soon be available at EB Games.  Not to worry folks as the red on these 360′s will come on the cases themselves, NOT in the form of an illuminated red ring.  The red beauty’s latest leak comes in the form of a retail database listing snapped by a Toys-R-Us employee.  (Picture inside).  The Red Elite will tip the scales at $399 and may or may not be released along side Resident Evil 5.  So will a red 360 make your old ugly black or white one find a new home on eBay?  Or is the color simply  not enough to sway you?  Let us know.  Toys-R-Us database picture inside.


Xbox 360 arcade cabinet mixes old school/new school

  • February 11, 2009 5:51 pm


Back in the budding years of video games, the kings of the gaming world were arcade games.  The big hulking cabinets took up a ton of space while also emptying your wallet faster than though humanly possible.  The last decade has seen arcaded and arcade games slowly disppear from the lime light as home consoles have begun taking the gaming market inside their living rooms.  With today’s “eye candy” generation, people want to see the best graphics and have fun.  Generally speaking, arcade games aren’t exactly the pinnicle of eye-candy.  Even in today’s world with all of the high tech gaming technology that we have, arcade games still come out looking like a Sega Dreamcast at best.  SoloMods doesn’t think arcade gaming is quite dead yet.  Instead they are chosing to embrace the new while throwing in a little bit of old school gaming by introducing the Xbox 360 arcade console.  This behemoth is an Xbox 360 not-so-stuffed in a gargantuan cabinet along with WiFi, 60GB hard drive, display, volume control, and two working joysticks all for a cool $2,250.  So, if you have the space…and the money for such a thing hit up Solomods and claim your new creation.  Click on through for another picture of the new relic.

New Xbox coming soon?…..Think again.

  • January 11, 2009 11:54 am


So your Xbox 360 is getting a little old in the tooth and you’re looking for something fresh?  Well, you better keep looking because that freshness is not coming from Microsoft.  Microsoft sees the market as not willing to upgrade their current gaming system.  Also, the current state our economy is in doesn’t really help either.  The 360 is not only a gaming machine.  It streams Netflix, stores music and movies as well as a host of other online features.  The big M thinks the better thing to do is to further develop the 360 platform and add on new features instead of put time and money behind a completely new system.  It’s not a bad idea, seen as how games are just now starting to begin to scratch the surface of the current consoles’ capabilities.


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