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“Zune HD” rumors/information heat up.

  • April 15, 2009 6:57 pm


While the Zune has enjoyed so far a reign of mediocrity, Microsoft is looking to change things up a bit and bring the superbly average device up to 2007 specs.  While I have some pretty thick criticism flying forward from the start, I am pretty excited to see the Zune HD or whatever Microsoft decides to name this thing.  So far the funning list of more or less “known” facts according to Neowin looks like this:

  •  3.6″ (give or take a few tenths) OLED touchscreen
  • Nvidia Tegra inside
  • Flash versions in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB/Hard drive model coming in 120GB
  • mini-HDMI connection
  • web browser
  • WiFi w/ access to the Marketplace
  • early fall release date

While these specs are definitely pretty exciting, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed (though oddly still intrigued).  These are all (save for the OLED) things that have been around for almost 2 years now on several other players.  Hey Microsoft, heres an idea.  Instead of going the cheap/large storage idea, incorporate a 120GB flash storage model instead of the older style hard drive model.  While it would be pretty pricey, you would finally be the first to market with something in this area.  Ok twice to be first if the OLED pans out as well.  I would gladly save up an extra few weeks and donate an organ for a 120GB flash player.  Think about it M!  And for good measure and speculation is the image above which is supposedly what the new Zune is going to resemble pretty closely.  So whataya think?  Will it make you open up your wallet?


Source: Electronista, Neowin, WM Power User *post pic*

Zune functions coming to Windows Mobile 7?

  • March 26, 2009 1:07 pm


Microsoft’s “not full steam ahead” project called the Zune will soon have many homes on multiple devices.  WM Power Userhas been tipped off regarding the next rendition of WinMo and the Zune.  Apparently some of the Zune’s musical features are going to make their way into Windows Mobile 7.  How exciting.  Hey I can’t knock it that bad since I had a first gen Zune.  The device itself was ugly as sin but it played music and had a decent enough interface.  Certainly with some “steam” and money for development it could have become something more than it is now.  But you heard the Balm’s…apparently Microsoft is fresh out of steam….

Source: Mobile Crunch

Zune cost Microsoft $100 million in Holiday revenue!

  • January 24, 2009 1:47 am


Amid a several thousand employee layoff, news is coming out that Microsoft’s Zune lost around $100 million (54%) in revenue this past holiday quarter.  In stark contrast, Apple’s iPod earned 3% increase in iPod sales totaling $4.382 billion!   It isn’t hard to understand why the Zune is quickly dying…Microsoft is stalling on the innovation and updating front.  While just about every other portable audio player manufacturer updated their players (hardware and software), Microsoft went the software only route.  I know Microsoft has been touting that they are a software company first recently, but if they are at all serious about the Zune, one would think that they would put more effort into it.  

Source: Mac Daily News

Zune Phone: Hardware or Software?

  • January 4, 2009 11:27 am


No this isn’t news about an impending release date for a zune phone.  Heck, its not even a “rumor”, but merely a brain storming idea.  Love it or hate it, Windows Mobile has been a very versatile mobile OS that as been installed on many devices from different manufactures.  Just because it has been widely used, does not mean it is necessarily the best, just that they were in the right place at the right time and of course the company can take some credit as well.  You look at Windows Mobile and see a very business oriented product.  You don’t look at it and think oh cool, my twenty something year old son would love this.  Usually, Windows Mobile attracts a little bit of a more mature crowd.  Are they purposely neglecting the younger market?  No.  Its just their priorities, (at least as it seems currently) have been on other things such as Windows 7 and Xbox 360.  

Y2K part Deux: Everybody panic!

  • December 31, 2008 9:37 am


Engadget has been receiving many…again I say many reports that the old 30gig first gen Zunes are all of a sudden failing to function.  They reset themselves and then stay stuck at the loading screen.  This so called event has been dubbed “Z2K”.  Is your ‘ol 30 gig zune going the way of the dodo?  Is the world coming to and end?  Is Microsoft behind a grand scheme to first kill our zunes, then our first born, and then finish everyone else off in the stereotypical apocalyptic nuclear blanket?  Who knows, only time will tell.  Maybe hoarding water and batteries would be a good idea.


*Update 12/31/08 6:39pm…Apparently, by letting your Zune drain completely, and waiting until tomorrow should remedy the brick disease it currently has.  The issue comes from a bug in the internal clock that isn’t doing so well coping with the extra day this leap year.  Well there ya have it.  Just a few more hours of waiting and your little friend should be good to go.


*Update 2…1/1/09 9:33am*  Ok Zuners, all should be well in your neck of the woods.  Did Microsoft’s official “fix” work for you?  It’s time for a new start this year.  And now, you can use your Zune to usher it in!


Source: Engadget

Does Microsoft even care about the Zune?

  • December 15, 2008 1:45 pm

It has been almost 3 years now for the zune.  A look at its short history shows us that at first Microsoft had big plans for its little media box.  Has that momentum stalled?  After the first generation, the second generation brouth a re-design (slight), but the biggest change was software related.  A big plus to point out is that so far all new software upgrades have been backwards compatible with older zunes.  What about hardware?  You can have the greatest software in the world but have hardware thats lacking…(G1 anybody?)  Microsoft, as I see it, hasn’t really innovated or progressed in the hardware aspect of the zune.  There is nothing new and exciting.  Where are the exciting new features such as *insert feature of desire here*, and *insert another*.  I have both a first gen Zune and iPod touch.  Ill tell you now that I haven’t listened to my zune in almost a year now.  In terms of sound quality, they both sounded the same to me using 5 pro’s un amped.  The 2nd gen iPod touches while nice in slight upgrades, aren’t enough to justify upgrading from my first gen.  Physical volume buttons (they made a touch screen and double click to bring the music controls for a reason), speaker (understadable, but hardly “gotta have it”), Nike+ (dont use it).  While the list seems kind of big, in the end its rather mundane.  Also, when was the last time you hear anything from Redmond about anything Zune related with any enthusiasm?  Several months at least.  Even the fat zune tattoo guy who declared to the world his love for Zune turned his back after Microsoft “turned their backs on the Zune and more or less him”.  If microsoft wants to gain market share or make an impact like they declared in the begining of Zune’s days, they need to step up their game, and sooner rather than later.