Final Founding Father Of Microsoft Xbox Leaves The Company.

  • May 25, 2011 2:20 pm

A full decade ago — Repeat that…decade ago — four Microsoft employees looking to make a name for themselves got together and created one of the greatest devices of my later childhood years. The Xbox console wasn’t the most popular console at first, but over time grew to become a gaming mecca which in later years was complimented by one of the best online gaming networks in Xbox Live.

Today, the last remaining member of that original 4-man team, Hungarian programmer Otto Berkes, is cleaning out his desk and saying good-bye. This afternoon Berskes officially submitted his resignation. While Berskes hasn’t worked directly with Xbox in recent years, heading various departments including Microsoft’s ultra-mobile divisions, his influences in the company will no doubt be missed.

Who would have thought that Microsoft’s hulking “Xbox” made of black plastic and neon green was going to turn into the $10 billion+ industry it has today?
Source: SeattleTimes
Via: ThatVideoGameBlog


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