[Update 4] Free At Last – A5 Untether Has Been Released!!

Oh happy day!!!! The A5 untether has officially been released at greenpoison.com! So far, only the Mac OSX version is available, with Windows soon to follow. The Absinthe tool was developed by the Chronic Dev Team after so much hard work. A fun little fact, this jailbreak reuses both exploits from Corona + 5 others!

Obviously the GP site is getting flooded with people attempting to free their iPhone 4S’s and iPad 2s, so be patient. As soon as we can get access to the links, we’ll direct-link to them. We’ll update as soon as the Windows version is live. For Windows, see update 3.

Stay tuned for the CLI tool and redsn0w updates from the iPhone Dev Team.

Happy jailbreaking you OSX users! Head on over to greenpoison.com to pick up your free copy today :)

**If you happen to stumble upon any bugs, first, alert the devs responsible so they are aware of said bugs. Then, come back here and share it in the comments with the rest of us.

A big thank you to @pod2g, @planetbeing, @saurik, @pimskeks, @p0sixninja, @MuscleNerd and @xvolks. Without you guys we’d be locked away in Apple’s walled prison forever


Download links:

  • Direct (Dev-Team): here.

Update 2

Getting an “Error establishing connection error” on the last part of the jailbreak? We did too. There’s a quick and simple fix. Go go Network > Settings > VPN and nudge the slider to “On”. After we did that our phone rebooted and replaced the Absinthe icon with the a blank icon. Tap it and the phone will respring. After that, you may have to restart your phone to get the actual Cydia icon to display correctly. (via: iDownloadblog)

Update 3

According to @p0sixninja, the Windows version of Absinthe and A5 jailbreak goodness will be launched “as soon as nikias gets home and rolls up the build”. (via: @p0sixninja.

Update 4

The iPhone Dev Team’s CLI tool has been released. This is basically used to debug specific issues.
You can see more info here: Read Me
Download the OSX version here: Command-Line Interface

  • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

    Did the Absinthe icon appear? After running the app on your computer you then finish from the phone. Hit that icon and it’ll finish the jailbreak local to the phone

  • Petkoan

    Hello there :)
    I just tried to jailbreak my iPhone 4s – but apparently I didn’t manage to do. The Cydia icon/app doesn’t appear on my screen at all, even after restarting the phone. So I don’t know if i have jailbroken my iPhone or not. Any ideas of what to do?

    Thanks a lot!