Free Xbox Live Gold service for Silver members.


If you own an Xbox 360, chances are you more than likely have an Xbox Live gold account giving you free reign on Xbox Live. Without Live, the 360 is still good machine though significantly less desirable in my opinion. Whether the sinking economy stole your Xbox Live money or you simply haven’t ponied up the $50/year entrance fee because you’re “just not sure” it’s worth it, we can all agree that when someone offers you anything for free, you should generally take it.

For European Xbox owners, starting at 5pm GMT on November 25th and lasting through 5pm GMT November 25th, Xbox Silver members will be able to game in all of the online glory that Xbox Live Gold service allows. For those not in Europe, the dates of free game time will be 12am EST November 20th – 12am EST November 23. Why the date discrepancy? I’m not sure if that’s an error or not? (Anyone care to specify — I’m stuck behind a proxy at the moment unable to really confirm or deny any dates at the moment.)

The move is intended to showcase Live’s new additions of Facebook, Twitter,, and Netflix in hopes that more people become yearly subscribers. Even though it isn’t the first time Microsoft has done this, it’s nice to see they still care. Will you be taking advantage of the free goods? See you on Live…