G-Form’s New X-Protect iPhone Case Takes An 82 MPH Slapshot To The Gut, Survives

Selling gadget accessories is an increasingly difficult business, exponentially so for iPhone accessory designers/makers. There are so many different products out there chasing after the same few goals that it’s literally almost not worth it to jump in at this point. But every once in a while we get surprised. Is G-Form’s new X-Protect rugged iPhone case something that would surprise us? We’ve yet to test one (working on it). But we’re certainly intrigued by the 82 MPH hockey stick their X-Protect covered iPhone took to the gut.

The X-Protect (and similarly designed, equally robust Extreme Grid) are now available for pre-order over at G-Form’s website – $39.95.

Video of what an 82 MPH slap shot against an iPhone 4/4S might look like after the break…