Galaxy S III Flipboard Exclusive Is No More – .apk Leaked!

One of Samsung’s many (and rushed) announcements at their Galaxy S III
unveil last week included Flipboard, a popular news gathering app that
has already found a decent following on iOS. What was surprising,
however, is that Samsung’s unveil also stated that the company had an
early exclusive on the Android version of the app. Luckily for the
rest of you non-Galaxy S III owners, XDA’s fanbase of talented hackers
has already managed to rip that .apk out of it’s “exclusive” hardware
and dump it into the open internets.

So far the thread is up to href=”″>page
3, and features a good handful of personal accounts spanning
phones and tablets from the last ~2-1/2 years. In short: it appears to
be a crapshoot at the moment, though newer hardware appears to be
handling things better (no surprise there).

If you manage to install the Flipboard .apk, give us a shout and let
us know how it goes!


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Source: href=”″>XDA
| Via: AndroidCommunity