Galaxy Tab to Have Skype Artificially Limited to WiFi.

With as much as carriers claim to be here “for the people” and embracing all kinds of new, innovative technologies, they sure do a lot to hamper progress. Take for example the rather disappointing revelation that the upcoming Galaxy Tab will be limited to WiFI-only calls over Skype when used on Verizon’s network. Such a move is rather AT&T-like, usually signaling a desperate attempt to keep an already weak network from crashing to its knees.

But Verizon is well prepared for the onslaught of data-hungry devices — or so they say. For a device costing $599 contract-free, the fact that end users will be further limited by artificial nannies is a sad state of affairs.

Though the few folks who would really ream Verizon’s 3G network with Skype and other VoIP services over 3G will be some of the first to root the device, hack the functionality onto it themselves, and continue on their merry way with or without Verizon’s blessing.

Though I complain, this little hinderance is unlikely to tarnish Verizon or the Tab much, if at all. Because in the end, the Tab is well built device with plenty of potential.

Source: PC Mag
Via: Phandroid