Gears Of War 3 Leaked – Microsoft Hunts For The Kill.

If you were anywhere near the interwebs yesterday you probably heard about the extremely early leak of Gears of War 3. With YouTube spoilers and news stories of the breach, it was obvious it was big news. The highly anticipated game isn’t set for release until late September, but there are impatient pirates out there that couldn’t wait. We aren’t sure how the game was leaked, but it was on many a torrent site last night. YouTube videos emerging after the release giving us a view into different maps we didn’t see in the Mulitplayer Beta, as well as what seemed like the entire single player campaign. We saw this same thing happen last year with the release of Halo:Reach, which was leaked because someone was able to hack through the security that Microsoft had in place on their marketplace – which was available to game reviewers to download and review the game.

Microsoft and Epic games are working closely with law enforcement agencies to determine how the breach happened and most likely seek legal action against the culprit. They state that what was released via BitTorrent wasn’t the final build of the game, and that we won’t be satisfied if we play said build – but that still doesn’t mean the many xboxers out there that have jtag modded consoles won’t be giving this game a try. We’ll release any further info about how the breach might have come about, but I’m guessing it might be the work of Anonymous! jk guys, jk.

Dana Cowley – spokes person for Microsoft and Epic Games – released this statement:

We have seen the reports of Gears of War 3 content being propped on the Web and working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation. This content is not from a final build and is not representative of what fans will enjoy when the game launches worldwide on September 20, 2011.

Via: VG24/7

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