Get Your Sweetheart These Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

Finding the perfect gift for your female significant other can be pretty difficult. Geeks have it a bit easier as, well, there’s so much stuff out there that falls into said category. Take for example these Mario Piranha Biting Plant earrings made by Etsy user lizglizz.

Now, we’re going to have to apologize for leading you on. The awesome earrings above are already sold. Yeah. We’re jerks. But if it’s the Mario theme you’re stuck on, check out these other cool earrings by lizglizz styled after the infamous Mario Bullet that’s taken so many of our lives over the years – (Mario Bullet Earrings). It appears to be the best $18 you can spend on your significant other this coming week if you ask us.



  • Source Etsy
  • Via Geekologie