CES Shwag Giveaway: Bob Marley Moto DROID skin

And the free stuff continues…

MOTO DROID owners: Who doesn’t like a nice tight skin to keep the scratches at bay and simultaneously show off some slick graphic? Everyone of course! If cases are too big and bulky and you simply want to keep nicks and dings to a minimum, perhaps a MusicSkins skin is right up your alley. In this case, a Bob Marley skin. Hmmm, Rastafarian headphones before, Bob Marley skins now…hey, it’s what CES reps gave me.

Want it? The only rule is to leave a comment — preferably one that will make me laugh. I need a good chuckle. Hit up the comments below.

  • http://www.decalskin.com/ motorola droid skins

    I am fan of BOB since I was a Kid, I will love to have such a sticker.

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