Giveaway: Two – Count Em, Two! Laptop / iPad Stands!

Yup folks, you heard that right, it’s giveaway time. November is upon us and it’s time for giving thanks, and well it’s also time for food. And what better to eat your food next to than a brand new stand for you laptop or iPad! After using these for a short while and testing em out, we’ve decided it was time to shower you – our readers – with goodies.

After the break you’ll have a short review on both as well as instructions that will net you something to lay your gorgeous MacBook Air on!


AViiQ Portable Quick Stand

I’m sorry, but I friggin love this thing. It’s so damn simple it hurts. There really isn’t much to it and it feels like it’ll break with one touch. But as flimsy and lightweight as this thing is, it just works. It does exactly what we want from a stand for our MacBook Air. The 3/8″ thick (flat) Quick Stand supports up to the MacBook Pro 17″. We tested it on our 11″ MacBook Air and it worked great. We did notice there to be a slight sliding issue which probably came from the fact that the MBA is so light. Either way, this little guy works. It offers a 12 degree Ergo Benefit, increased airflow as well as a 3 year warranty!

You can pick the AViiQ up in 5 different colors for only $39.99. Not bad at all for a small, compact and easy to use alternative to neck cramps!

Gadgetsteria Rating: 4/5

X-Type Mobile Travel Stand

We also got our hands on the X-Type Travel Stand from Bracketron. We weren’t as impressed with the overall quality and functionality of this, especially compared to the AViiQ. The X-Type will only run you $19.95, so it is cheaper than the AViiQ PQS, but you definitely get what you pay for. We tested this unit out using our 11″ MacBook Air, and it just seemed that it wasn’t a proper fit for the X-Type. We would probably of had a better time with this guy if we were using an iPad or a smaller netbook.

The cheap-feeling plastic used in the design seems it might be a problem after numerous tosses into the bottom of your laptop bag as well. But if it were going to be a stationary piece on your counter or desk that you’ll just drop your iPad onto, then it could quite possibly be something you would use. Being the mobile junkies we were, we just found this to be a step backwards (a few at that) compared to the AViiQ unit.

You can pick the X-Type stand from Bracketron for $19.95. We also found it at different interweb stores for under $10 – a better price tag.

Gadgetsteria Rating: 1/5


Okay, now down to the fun part. Since we no longer have any use to keep our necks and body in a well postured stance, we decided we’d throw these goodies your way. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is either leave a comment, Like this on Facebook, or Tweet @ us using the #GSCrazyStands hashtag. We’ll compile all the results around 2 weeks from now and we’ll get in touch with the winners.

Good luck!

Thanks to Max Borges for the two review/giveaway units.