Giveaway: V-Moda Vibrato Remote Earphones.

Christmas is now over. And unless you have a few stragglers, the trail of gifts meant for you has waned. But let us make up for where your loved ones may have faltered. We’ve got a sweet pair of V-Moda Vibrato Remote earphones that we’d love to give away to a lucky GS reader.

All you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered. We’ll pick one winner at random. If you’re looking to up your chances of winning, RT’ing this article with the #GSvibrato hashtag might go a long way into helping your squeak out ahead.

Not sure the Vibratos are any good? Check out our review from a few months back right over here.


  • Jschmerin88


  • The Gadgeteur

    And the winner is…*drum roll*….*dramatic pause*… @pmwilliams_:twitter 

    For everyone else, not to worry. We have another pair of V-Moda headphones as well as some AudioTechnica buds to give away. Also, CES is next week and we’ll have truckloads of goodies. Stay tuned…

    • martin williams

      Wow! Unbelievable – never won anything before :-)
      I promise I’ll send some feedback on them …


      • Valsimot


        • martin williams

          Thanks :-)

  • Levi J. Pelikan

    I guess these do seem better than my $10 target specials.

  • martin williams

    I would love these to help drown out all the negativity in the world …

    Great technology … biff, bash, bosh …. all rubbish because not “100% perfect” – still progress …
    Jan 4th … big “back to work blues” – as if we cannot change what WE do …
    Politicians, bankers, Euro crisis, doom … gloom …
    Economic meltdown … The best thing about 2011 ? It won’t be as bad as 2012 … Merkel and friend.

    Dooom … Glooom ….

    Go on let me win them so I don’t have to continue ….

  • Chrisc

    Hello Mike Norris!!!

  • Sean Reynolds

    i need or i want…i both want them and need them!!

  • kiernanproud


  • Daniele Ascione

    sure I’ll try to get ‘em!

  • Doug Hill

    I want! Can never have enough!

  • D.W.

    Free headphones? Hell yes. My iBeats are fraying and starting to cut out.. these would be a great replacement!! 

  • Sean Riley

    Not sure if the giveaway is still running, but I could really use these. My Sennheiser 680i’s just bit the dust and I’ve seen some pretty positive reviews of these buds.

    Thanks for the chance.

    • Mike Norris

      It is :)

  • Shubhankar

    Okay, I’m a total sucker for freebies. Hence you see me entering myself in this contest

  • Cpullum

    Love to have these!!!

  • Dhanamar

    My cutest most curious mini-Schnauzer ate my ear buds this weekend…..I definitely need new ones!!!

  • joe bishop

    free is good

  • John Hanlon ?

    You know I always show up for free stuff. 

  • zeldafan

    I would love to win a pair of these! Great website I love reading your blog posts and tweets!

  • Valsimot

    Those are some nice earphones…

  • Eli Wesly Ellis

    I would absolutely love a pair!

  • Sydney60171

    oo love them

  • Chris Cary

    Actually, I’ve been researching reviews of the Vibratos like heck lately. I had my Vibe Duos for about four years and I. LOVED. THEM. after I broke them in; V-Moda’s are notoriously bad before burn-in. Unfortunately, they finally succumbed to V-Moda’s Ghost of Build Qualities past last week and shorted out.

    One of my favourite things about the Vibe Duos was the bass. Mike, have you tried the Duos before? If so, what’s the over/under betwixt them and this new flagship? Are they as boomy, or did the V-Mo folks take it down a notch? Do you prefer the braided-fabric cable of the Vibratos or the rubber of the Remix Remotes?

    I’d love to know; I’m shopping for a replacement pair, and for better or for worse, I can’t seem to quit the Vibe sound signature. What are your thoughts? (Also, consider this my entry.)


    • The Gadgeteur

      I haven’t personally used the Duos. The Vibratos are definitely emphasizing the bass, but is stop short of calling it “boomy”. To me, boomy means cheap, $10 earbud sounding bass. The Vibratos am have a wonderful bass line that is strong and deep.

      With that said, some of the mids and highs are covered up.

      I tend to prefer the braided or fabric cables to rubber.

      • Chris Cary

        Oh, OK, so about the same. I found on the Duos that the mids and highs started to separate a little bit more after ~40 hours of play (so, about a month or two after I bought them). I see where you’re going with ‘boomy,’ but what you described is about what I was experiencing before, so, good! V-Moda definitely has an opportunity in bringing forward the the upper end of the spectrum…but I honestly feel it’s the signature they’re going for.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I want them too.

  • Wilson Hines

    Well, I need them because I buy these things (different brands and types) by the case because my children run through them like water!  My wife just came in ten minutes ago and picked up my last pair!