GoDaddy Drops SOPA Support After Tidal Wave Of Protests.

Score another one for the internet. After a massive outpouring of public discontent over GoDaddy’s continued support of SOPA, the company has (finally) announced they are officially dropping support for the extremely harmful anti-piracy bill, SOPA.

If you were thinking it’s time to bury the hatchet, we’ll invite you to merely put it in the closet for now as the company’s tone in their official statement makes it sound like they’re only dropping SOPA to appease naysayers, and that ultimately some SOPA-like bill will be passed. With that said, GoDaddy says that if/when consumers support SOPA (or a similar bill), they too will get back on board.

As for those with plans to transfer domains away from GoDaddy, will you continue? We took and ran. While GoDaddy caved this time, their track record isn’t exactly a beacon of truth and honesty.


  • Source GoDaddy
    • APai

      Good on you to move! the scumbags that they are – godaddy will never change for sure. Whatever little resistance, people have to stop putting up with crap and give these corporate media moghuls the middle finger