[Update] GoDaddy Seems To Think It’s Ok To Support Censorship, Laugh Off Critics.

If you haven’t followed the whole SOPA/ProtectIP drama over the last few weeks in particular, just know that the 1-2 combo of terribly written bills could, if passed, turn the U.S. into a 2nd China in regards to censorship. While we won’t get deep into why either bill is bad (there’s already plenty of that online), we will highlight a humorous/intriguing boycott that is gaining momentum — a “Leave GoDaddy Day” on December 29th — that all started from a single Reddit post.

Disclaimer: We began the transfer process to move Gadgetsteria.com away from GoDaddy yesterday.

GoDaddy’s public image to the internet loving people is, understandably, tanking. The statement they gave to Ars Technica in response to questions regarding the December 29th boycott and their SOPA/ProtectIP support in which they blatantly brush off criticism doesn’t help either. In short: GoDaddy is saying they don’t give a fuck about you, the internet, or the idea of a free and open web. On top of it all, they’re laughing at everyone. Though, we’re pretty sure GoDaddy won’t be laughing if more people follow “I can has cheeseburger” (Fail Blog, etc.) CEO Ben Huh — Huh is moving over 1,000 domains off of GoDaddy if they don’t drop support for SOPA (via: Twitter).

If the boycott actually has as impact, big or small, it will be our turn to laugh back.

See ya, GoDaddy.


Score one for the internet — GoDaddy has officially dropped support for SOPA.