Google+ App Updated For Android. New Photo Centric UI And Features Abound.

The recent Google+ iOS update that saw the company pushing out sweeping UI and design changes, not to mention a handful of new features, has finally hit Google’s own in-house OS.

Google+ v2.6 for Android brings a brand new, photo-centric UI as well as redesigned +1 buttons in an effort to make the app easier to use/share content, and of course to simply look nicer. Under the hood, Google has brought several new features to the table including: improvements to video Hangouts, comment editing (without having to use a desktop browser or deleting entire comment), and a new, dedicated “Hangout Ribbon”.

All in all, the update is one of the (visually) biggest to date and goes a long way into making Google+ on mobiles feel a lot nicer and easier to use. The big question that remains, however, is just how many people are actually actively using Google+.

Download the new Google Plus update for Android: Download