Google Introduces Chrome For Android (Beta). Available Now!

Web browsing on Android’s stock browser has been pretty decent so far. Next to Safari for iOS, it’s the next best (native) browser. But it could certainly be better.

Today, it gets better. Google has officially unveiled Chrome for Android, a more portable version of its desktop counterpart but with some interesting and useful finger friendly features tossed in.

After the break you’ll see a quick video showing off Chrome for Android’s new user interface as well as unique tab management and navigation. Nifty navigation/tab features aside, the underlying guts of Chrome for Android is better than the old stock browser, too. For starters, now that Chrome for Android is built off of the same open source Chromium project, updates should be (in theory) faster and easier for Google to push out as it allows the entire mobile-desktop browser landscape follow a much closer path.

Also, while Google has focused more on UI presentation and “natural” feeling throughout, the browser itself is a wee bit faster than the outgoing version. Finally, we’re stoked to see the ability to sign into Chrome for Android and have it automatically open up the tabs you’ve left open on your desktop version of Chrome, perfect for continuing your web browsing on the go.

Hop past the break for a quick video, screenshots and the download link (Android 4.0 required)!