Google Renames Android Market To “Google Play Store”, Brings Chrome Store Into The Fold.

Since day 1, Google’s used the Android Market as the go-to storefront for all things Android. While 3rd party stores have popped up in increasing numbers over the last couple of years, Google’s own store has remained the standard. And today that standard is undergoing a somewhat surprising re-branding.

From here on out the Android Market will now be known as the “Google Play Store” — yes, it’s terrible. The idea behind the re-branding makes sense; Google sells more than just apps now via the storefront. Books, movies and music aren’t necessarily very fitting under the old “Android Market”. But…”Google Play Store”.

In the end, Google is hoping that the re-branding and new design + homescreen icon will welcome more people in by signaling to them the Market Play Store isn’t just about apps anymore. At least on that front, Google has something going for them.

In addition to mobile content, Google is also bringing in their browser-based storefront underneath the “Google Play” branding.

Android users on 2.2+ should see the Android Market app automatically updated over the next few days.


Source: Reuters