Google’s Latest Trick: “Let It Snow”

One of the coolest things about Google is the ever changing search logo. Whether it be a serious, important highlight of world history or something as simple as a nerdy little inside joke, Google is always keeps it fresh.

Even cooler than a simple logo change, however, are the “search tricks” (no, not those tricks) whereby typing a simple phrase into the search bar causes the browser to do something. The last time we encountered such a trick it was the nifty “do a barrel roll” phrase that caused the window to spin, but this latest trick is a bit more festive.

Typing “let it snow” in the Google search bar will reward you with slowly falling snow flakes across your browser window. It’s nothing big or meaningful, sure. But it’s still awesome that Google, despite their sheer size and endless supply for full plates still finds the time to add in nifty little browser tricks such as this.

Protip: Disable the instant search feature so you stay on the simpler search page, and in turn, see the effect a bit better.


  • Via Geekologie