Greg Jacobs

Greg Jacobs is an aspiring multi-platform programmer who has completed the Computer Programmer Analyst course with an Advanced Diploma in hopes to join a company whos values reflect his own, using cutting edge technology to provide users with the best experience possible. With an expertise in C#, ASP.NET (and classic) as well as teaching himself to develop applications for the Android, Windows Phone 7 & iOS platforms he constantly strives to learn many other languages and welcomes all challenging situations.
Greg started a business called Binary Wasteland that focuses on teaching hobbyist and beginner programmers the languages and skills required to make an idea they have tangible on any platform and in any language. Greg also works at Western IT Group as a Computer Programmer focusing on .NET Development but develops in any language required. In addition, he is persuing personal development projects to diversify on new technologies and languages and is also an advocate of Open Source and lover of all things cutting edge and game changing.

You can catch more of Greg and developer news/tutorials over at his (and Gadgetsteria’s sister site)


  • Twitter: @GregRJacbos
  • Email: greg[at]binarywasteland[dot]come | greg[at]gadgetsteria[dot]come