GS Tips: Moving All Your Gadgets

Changing residences or offices can be a very exciting time, given all the ‘new’ you’re surrounded with, but it’s crucial to keep your wits about you when preparing for a move. Faster than you might believe, a plan that seemed flawless can go awry, just as the seemingly organized can easily get disordered. Enlisting the help of friends who are sticklers for detail, as well as the professional services offered by moving companies, can help you keep everything in line. Begin a move with a clear idea of what should happen when and find your way to your new location with few problems.

Hop inside for a few tips on keeping your sanity (and gadgets) in check…
First and foremost, know what you’re packing up. Obviously you’re not going to overlook a large piece of furniture like a desk or filing cabinet, but smaller items like computer accessories can easily get lost in the shuffle. Sorting through that which you are taking with you is a great time to pare down what’s getting packed. Doing so will ensure that you aren’t scooping up duplicate items like multiple power cords for the same type of computer. It will also give you a chance to throw away defective equipment. Taking the time to test the functionality of your tech items will help you make sure you’re not packing something that’s going to go directly into the trash when you unpack at your destination.

Utilizing a service like Freecycle is a great way to get rid of items that still work but are no longer useful to you. Consider giving away old monitors, computer books, or even an old desktop machine. Chances are someone is bound to want some or all of what you’re offering – especially if it’s free – even if they’re just going to use it for parts or to tinker with as a hobby. You’ll save yourself a trip to a thrift store and benefit someone in your community at the same time. Win, meet win.

Once you know which items you’re taking with you, be sure to label them. A tangle of black cords can all look alike and result in confusion that will only add stress to your move. Try bundling cables together with twist ties that you can write on in permanent marker. You might also try organizing cords with similar color rubber bands or, if you’re feeling fancy, different pieces of ribbon. Whatever system you employ, even if you toss all similar cords in a shoebox and tape it shut, will help you keep track of everything when it’s time to set up anew.

Moving doesn’t have to be the most stressful venture you’ve ever undertaken. Tapping into your inner organizer will make your life much easier, even if you’re not used to it. Imagine you’re packing cords and accessories for someone else. They won’t want to open a box that contains a jungle of unidentifiable cords and neither should you. After all, a well-organized move carries the promise of bragging rights.