Hackintosh Users Rejoice! Mountain Lion Adds Support For Bevy Of High End Video Cards.

One of the best ways to get OS X on the cheap is to piece together your own Hackintosh. While the legality of such things is questionable, the use (and experience) you get out of it are huge pluses. Unfortunately, actually getting a fully running and powerful Hackintosh up and running isn’t exactly a simple affair and normally requires various discs, flash drives, patches, and modified drivers. But alas. Mountain Lion may be changing things for the better, at least for the GPU.

An ongoing thread over at netkas.org claims that the latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer preview 1 features a ton of new drivers for cards like AMD’s high-end 6950/70 as well as Nvidia GTX 570/580. The cards mostly work when booting in 10.8 with unmodified files, which can then be warm booted down into Lion. Cold booting into Lion, however, is still a bit temperamental.

Naturally, the beta state of the OS as well as the nature in which a hackintosh is formed means bugs are still persistant. For instance, the AMD 6950 in particular doesn’t like to boot up correctly on unmodified drivers when a monitor is plugged in. In short: your mileage will vary. But given that hackintosh building is pioneered by a small but very determined group of enthusiasts, we don’t see the wait time for better Mountain Lion support taking too long at all.

Of course, if you move away from a complete hackintosh to your standard MacPro, slapping in one of the previously unsupported cards goes by with a lot less fuss (obviously). Pick your poison.


  • Source netkas.org | Tonymacx86
  • Via 9to5Mac