Hands-On: Incipio Hive Response And Le Deux iPhone 4/4S Cases.

Incipio has been a long-time Apple iOS accessory and case manufacturer. While some designs are obviously better than others (and purely subjective), we have to say Incipio is one of our more favorite brands. More often than not their cases appeal to us on multiple fronts including design, size and even price. That said, the company was kind enough to send their new Hive Response and Le Deux iPhone 4S cases to us for some hands-on, poke-n-prod time.

The Hive

The Hive will either immediately excite you or leave you with a feeling of disgust. It is a thick case. Make no mistake, it’s soft, bulky and does eat a tad bit more lint than we’d like. What we love about this case, however, is that for long gaming/landscape web browsing sessions, it makes our iPhone exponentially more comfortable to hold. It also, of course, is extreme protective against shock damage from lengthy drops. While we didn’t get too carried away, several repeat drops from waist height were handled with little fuss at all.

The two piece hard/soft design requires a tad of finesse when putting your phone in and taking it out. Though, it’s hardly a sticking point in our book. (We’ll also add the two pieces are very securely held in place — they won’t be coming apart by any “natural” means.)

At $29.99, the Hive Response is actually a pretty good price for a heavier duty case in our books. Similarly sized protective (and gaming) cases from the likes of Otterbox, Ballistic and others cost $10, $20 or more dollars. We just wish it weren’t so lint-hungry. But that’s the price you pay for comfortable grip and excellent shock protection we guess.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8/10

Le Deux

In completely contrast to the Hive Response above, we have the Le Deux — a very thin, barely there case. The Le Deux shares a two-piece design with the Hive Response above, but that’s where the similarities end. Everything about the Le Deux is focused on style and thinness.

The brushed stainless steel backplate comes in black, silver or gold while the plastic band/bumper that wraps around the antenna of the phone and holds the backplate in place is offered in smoke, pink, clear and translucent. Together, the pairings aren’t the best/nicest we’ve seen. That said, they are sharp and eye catching nonetheless.

In our testing we really loved how the Le Deux gave our iPhone a hardened, tough exterior protection from sharp, pointy objects. Drop protection with the case is obviously pretty much non-existent. While it will offer a tad of protection in this regard, expect things to get all smashy if you happen to let your precious iPhone slip from your grasp and onto hard concrete.

$29.99 for the Le Deux is average for iPhone cases these days, especially more trendy cases with quality materials. In the end, the difference between the Le Deux and Hive are great and ultimately play towards key demographics. Gamers and outdoorsy people will love the Hive where as more city-dwelling folk will find the Le Deux right up their alley.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8/10