Hands-on: Klout For iPhone.

Take a trip around the web searching the word “Klout” or phrase “Klout score” and you’ll find a nation divided. One side you’ll find people constantly dashing from one social network to the next trying to pump up their Klout score. On the other, you have a (usually) very vocal group decrying Klout’s uselessness and irrelevance. Whichever side you find yourself sitting on, know that Klout is just another online service to rank a person’s web presence. What makes it handy, though, is how it can tie into so many difference services. And that, I think, is a very handy service to make use of.

That said, today Klout released their official “Klout for iPhone” app into the App Store. And as far as iOS apps go, it’s pretty simple in nature; you can view notifications to your account and view your Klout profile as well as view the profiles of others.

In the notifications section, clicking on a notification (in this instance for a +K given to me) will bring up a window showing the person who gave the +K as well as an option to share the +K notification on Twitter as well as view their profile. Similarly, notifications from Klout (say, your Klout score rising) will open a window much the same to the previously mentioned one, along with the same Twitter share option.

Flipping to the profile view, it’s worth noting that the connected social networks isn’t fully displayed in the iPhone version. Online I have a huge assortment (pretty much every service available) connected to Klout. On the iPhone app, only Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are shown. Clicking on each of the icons loads up the respective service. Tapping on the “jumping arrow” in the bottom right opens the social network service page in Safari.

The final area worth looking at is that of the settings panel. Sparsely populated, configurable settings in Klout are pretty basic: Push Notifications and displaying your Klout score on the app’s icon. For notifications you can alerts for changes in Klout score and new +Ks. Meanwhile, the badge app icon corresponding to your Klout score is a minor feature yet cool nonetheless. I personally like unique ways of using the badge app indicator. (My personal favorite is Fahrenheit’s badge app icon that displays the actual local temp.)

A Well Made, Simple App

For haters of Klout, the new app will offer absolutely zero utility or reason to come back to, or start using the service. If, however, you use Klout to stay on top of your online presence as well as weight the authority of others across the web, Klout’s iPhone app is a good start.

While it’s limited in features in version 1.0, it does have a nice, clean design. Hopefully they add some more utility in later versions.

Get it now: Klout for iPhone (iTunes Link – Free)

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