Hands-on: Roamz For iOS

There are literally dozens upon dozens of social networking and life sharing apps available to the average smartphone consumer. So many in fact, we’d argue that the average user rarely sees 1/4th of what’s available. That said, which service/app should you be using? After the biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, etc., there are a legion of smaller, lesser known service that are all vying for your attention.

Today we’re taking a look another somewhat new social/life sharing app, Roamz 2.0. Back with a new design and additional features Roamz 2.0, like Oink, Stamped, etc. exists for users to share and document their lives. The added benefit, and staple feature of Roamz, is that it focuses heavily on local events — deals at a near-by store, food discounts for lunch on *insert day here*, and much more.

Design, Setup & Using Roamz

Like many other social apps in recent memory, design is a strong focal point of Roamz. While it isn’t the best looking app, it’s better than your average big-time social networking apps/service, and almost invites the user to use the app thanks to a well laid out design and pretty pixels.

Setup is rather quick and painless; you can either create a Roamz account (the easiest of course) or use Facebook Connect if that’s the route you so choose.

After setup, you are presented with the main dashboard screen where you have a handful of options along the bottom: Nearby, Popular, Share, Profile and Settings. As you would with other apps, tapping the “+” in the middle of the app brings up a window from where you can share images, thoughts in text form, and location information and publish it across other networks like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

As an example of what Roamz can do, tapping the “Nearby” icon will bring up users’ posts within a certain range of your location and show you the “hot” events in the here and now. Because we live in a small northern Indiana town, the most recent Roamz event was 3 months ago — and therein lies the problem that we’ve discovered with Roamz. Because it’s not a widely known app, the user base is much smaller than competing services, and in turn, features users generally in large cities far away from myself. It makes for a pretty boring, quiet Roamz experience.

Thankfully there is the “popular” tab which displays the most popular Roamz shared content regardless of location. While it helps liven up the Roamz feed, it doesn’t exactly make it more fun to use in that pretty much all of the content is based around people and places many miles away.

Notifications can be dialed down for a number of alerts such as comments and likes of your activity update, as well as new updates for the Roamz app itself, and sent to you via Push Notifications or email.


By itself, Roamz is a fun to use and well designed app. It’s fun to share with other friends (when available) and makes sharing across social networks a snap. At the same time, the obscurity of Roamz means usage is going to be limited larger cities, and even then to a small niche of people. In the end, while we like Roamz and what it sets out to do we can’t find ourselves using it a ton. At least not yet. Still, that shouldn’t deter you from at least giving Roamz a shot.

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