HandyWeather for Blackberry [Review]

  • May 31, 2009 9:56 am


Coming off of yesterday’s review of BerryWeather, HandyWeather is following closely vying for your dollar and dedicated spot on your berry. As far as weather information is concerned, HandyWeather does a good job of laying out the information on the screen in a decent manner that is easy to read. Though, while the app isn’t ugly by any means, I much prefer BerryWeather’s visual appearance. HandyWeather is quick and simple to set up. However, settings hounds who love to control everything may find the apps settings menu a bit sparse as there are hardly any options to adjust yourself. Also, the lack of a “live” homescreen icon like BerryWeather’s makes this app less useful for those quick glances where you just want to see the temp/condition before heading out. Actually navigating to the app and opening it isn’t that long of a process, but, every feature counts. Finally, those still looking for a good weather radar app for Blackberry will be disappointed as HandyWeather doesn’t have one in sight. In quick conclusion, I would still have to rate BerryWeather as my favorite Blackberry weather application so far.

There’s so much more to know about HandyWeather – such as the unique graph like weather screen. For a much deeper and thorough review, head on over to my full review at **BB Geeks to get the full scoop.

Full Review Here (Copy/Paste):http://www.bbgeeks.com/software-reviews/handyweather.html

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