Here’s What Spotify Announced Today…

Spotify’s special event just wrapped up, and with it come details on the company’s future amongst a heap of recent Spotify articles good and bad. The once little known service inside the U.S. has quickly become a music juggernaut. During today’s event, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated that Spotify has secured licensing deals with all the major labels and adds over 20,000 tracks to Spotify’s library each and every day. According to Ek, the full library would take over 100 years to listen to from start to finish, and all this reaches 10 million listeners. But enough fluff. Here’s what Spotify announced today…


Spotify has created a platform to allow developers to build HTML5 and javascript apps on top of Spotify. Love it or hate it, Spotify will use an app approval process. To us, this is a great choice as it will keep garbage apps from clogging up this new path Spotify’s on, and keep the experience optimal for end users.

3rd parties won’t be the only ones enjoying Spotify’s new frameworks for creating apps. Spotify will put the new tools to use in rolling out their own improvements over time as well, with the most striking addition being a Facebook-like news ticker about what friends are doing/listening to.

As for app partners, there are literally a ton of companies already on board including, FUSE, RollingStone, PitchFork and more. On stage, and TuneWiki were some of the bigger, more exciting apps shown off. TuneWiki in particular was handy in that as you skip forward/backward the lyrics jump back and forth instantly as well. SoundKick’s Spotify app brings the local music scene into your Spotify ecosystem. The coolest feature of their app is that bands can allow Spotify users to see the upcoming playlists for local concerts — just one of the cool tricks. And yes, concert tickets are here too.

Right now the list of apps isn’t too terribly big. But what happens in 1-2 years time when the catalog has had time to mature? Located right within the Spotify app is a small “App Finder” search bar — pretty self explanatory.

Unfortunately for now, all of the newfound 3rd party support will be restricted to the Spotify app itself — no streaming of Spotify content directly from 3rd party sites.

The presentation was pretty quick paced all things considered, but what’s easy to see is that Spotify is going to become (or at least as the potential to become) a massive service/ecosystem, certainly much bigger than a simple streaming app.

One question brought up after the Q&A session revolves around free vs. paid apps. According to Ek, all of Spotify’s new apps will be free — no mention of of paid apps in the near-term.

Ready to explore Spotify apps? The first group of apps will officially be available (in beta) starting today on Spotify’s site.

Free Vs. Premium Users

Not to worry, whether you are a free or premium Spotify member, all of the new features and apps announced (and coming in the future) will be available. There won’t be any price-limited tiers in regards to apps.