Hipstamatic To Become First 3rd Party App With Share Rights To Instagram Timeline

iPhone users and mobile photography junkies have no doubt heard about (and probably) used Instagram, a very popular app/service that allows anyone to create some pretty awesome photos with a range of simple filters. For some time now, sharing Instagram pictures with other services has been incredibly easy. Sharing content to Instagram has remained off limits, however. In response to repeated criticisms from consumers, Instagram has maintained that they didn’t want to “pollute” Instagram users’ timelines with fluff and junk (obviously referencing how Twitter, Google+ and Facebook have become depositories for all kinds of 3rd party apps and services). That stance changes later today.

Fast Company is reporting that Instagram and Hipstamatic will announce a new partnership this afternoon and see Hipstamatic becoming the first 3rd party app to share with Instagram. Sharing will be pretty low key all around, with pictures shared out of Hipstamatic and to Instagram displaying a simple tag “Taken with Hipstamatic” underneath the picture.

According to both Instagram and Hipstamatic execs, the (for now) exclusive partnership will benefit both parties. Instagram is generally comprised of more consumer-level photographs and end users while Hipstamatic has gained a rather dense albeit more limited following of “professional” photographers. Mashing the two networks together in the way that is being allowed will hopefully create more engaging and unique content while also keeping distractions from “outside content” to an almost nonexistent state.

What do you say Hipstamatic/Instagram users? Is the new partnership a “step in the right direction” or an unnecessary venture?

Source: FastCompany | Via: iPhoneinCanada
Image Source: Wired