Hot flashes got you down? Mr. Sun scorching your face? Solar powered hat fan here to save the day!

The human body is a walking scientific spectacle. Even though the DNA between you and me is virtually 99% the same, it’s that 1% sliver that differentiates all of us. Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some can take the heat. Others simply drop like flies. For the ground thumpers out there, carrying a mini fan with you everywhere you go can be a nuisance and at times embarrassing. Thankfully there is the solar powered hat fan. Featuring two small solar panels and an actual miniaturized fan, this hat will keep your noggin nice and cool even when mother nature and Mr. Sun try their hardest to bring you down. The best part? It’s only $16 to be able to call this little wonder yours. Now will it actually work as advertised? At least you’ll pull of the geeky look. But such things are trivial when life, comfort, and just plain livability are concerned. Let us know how it goes!

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