HP Firebird + Voodoo innards = $weetness!


The HP Firebird is HP’s flagship gaming beast.  It competes with the likes of Dell’s XPS, pretty much all of Alienware, Rock, and many other gaming PC vendors. The newest model, the 802, comes with an Intel Quad Core 2.66 GHz processor while the 803 comes stocked with a 2.83 GHz processor.  Love it or hate it Vista Home Premium comes on both models.  In order to run the latest games at the highest resolutions, this miniature beast comes loaded with dual Nvidia 9800S cards configured in SLI.  Running all of this hardware requires some heavy duty cooling.  In order to keep the PC from melting, HP has outfitted the Blackbird with cooling.  Both the 2.66GHz and 2.83GHz equipped models come with 4GB of DDR2.  Come on HP  you couldn’t throw in DDR3 when your competition is using it?. 

Storage space is ample enough for most of the general population who will be taking one of these home.  The 802 features two 250GB  hot-swappable hard drives to store all of those CD’s you’ve downloaded.  The 803 takes it a step further with 640GB total, adds a Blu-Ray player, and SuperMulti DVD burner.  The 802 meanwhile sticks to just a DVD optical drive.  Running all of this is a rather small 350W power supply.  Either this machine is very efficient, or HP is cutting corners with the power supply.  Personal accounts from Crunch Gear say the Firebird is fairly modular making it easy to swap parts out.  For instance, the fans are removable to aid in cleaning, the hard drives are easy to replace, as well as many other components.  So how much will this next gen power house set you back?  The 802 starts at $1,799, while the 803 starts at $2,099.  A couple more pics in the gallery!

Source: Crunch Gear