If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Sue ‘Em — Honeywell Vs. Nest.

Far too often in the tech world, awesome product and services are delayed or outright cancelled because of some company tossing lawsuits around to remain relevant. In the case of Honeywell’s new lawsuit against Nest Learning Thermostat that we oogled over at CES, we’re simply shaking our heads in disgust. The Nest is a gorgeous, finely crafted piece of art. Honeywell (to my knowledge) makes mainly business related products. The more consumer-ish products they do have aren’t exactly good looking — at all.

According to Honeywell, the Nest is infringing on a slew of patents: 7,634,504 | 7,142,948 | 7,584,899 | 7,159,789 | 7,159,790 | 7,476,988 | 6,975,958.

On the other side of the fence, Nest is reporting that they’ve only begun to go through the lawsuit in detail as they found out the same way we all did — via Honeywell’s PR announcement regarding the new lawsuit.

If there is some nefarious IP theft going on behind the scenes of Nest development, then by all means, Honeywell is well within their rights to protect their intellectual property. Sadly, to us, it appears like another rehash of the same story: Honeywell is trying to keep a new and innovative product out of the market via the court system. Seeing as how they don’t have anything close in terms of design focused hardware for consumers, your guess (for the lawsuit) is as good as ours.


  • Source AllThingsD