iLounge: New iPhone To Feature Taller Screen, Be 20 Percent Thinner And Feature Smaller Dock Connector

Rumors circulating about the next iPhone begin not too long after the previous generation’s official release. The last few months have been full of speculation, renders and alleged claims of “inside sources” more or less “confirming” features for Apple’s next-gen iPhone. Of the many rumors we’ve heard, the biggest features that keep popping back up include that of 1) a larger display 2) a smaller dock connector/port and 3) a redesigned casing.

iLounge Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Horwitz comes out with his own claims this morning, citing numerous inside sources. What makes his information a tad more believable (as noted by 9to5 Mac) is that Jeremy (and iLounge in general) has legitimate sources within a ton of companies that specialize in iPhone accessories thanks to their ever-growing iLounge section at CES.

All that said, according to Jeremy, Apple will cut the iPhone’s overall thickness down by another ~20% compared to the current iPhone 4S. The next-gen iPhone will also reportedly carry a metallic back (see iLounge render above). Finally, the new iPhone will grow in length by 10mm to make room for the taller screen and gain a new, smaller dock connector that is more oval/round in shape. This new connector will supposedly be used on all of Apple’s mobile devices going forward – iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Jeremy also speculates that because of the taller screen, Apple will, “for the first time since the original iPhone”, change the aspect ratio of the device. The immediate result will be a slew of iPhone specific apps that will need to be updated as without it, black bars and/or cropping will be needed to either see the full app/image or fill the screen respectively.

Our Thoughts

Quite frankly, it’s extremely hard to guess what Apple will do next. While we’d like to see a moderately larger display, the current rumors that claim a screen that is the same width but simply taller don’t sound very appetizing. We’ve always preferred the iPhone’s more square-ish aspect ratio to that of a taller, thinner one. Not to mention, we’re not looking forward to the multi-month long wait for apps to upgrade images for any potential resolution/aspect ratio changes.

As for the render of the proposed redesign of the next iPhone’s backside, we’d certainly hope (and suspect) that a frankenstein glass and metal back isn’t used, at least not like the render suggests. It looks pretty chaotic and well, just plain ugly.

The dock connector will likely cause the most controversy, however. If it is indeed smaller or at the very least re-designed, legions of people will cry out over Apple killing legacy accessories. But honestly, such arguments are stupid. The dock connector as it is now has been around for years. Really, we’re surprised Apple has kept it as long as they have. In its current form, the dock connector is incredibly compared to the increasingly thinner devices Apple pumps out. A re-design is needed for Apple to continue reducing size. Not to mention, Apple is usually pretty headstrong and progressive with killing off “old” hardware/specs. (Remember the first Macbook Air and the backlash over its lack of a physical DVD drive?) We on the other hand gladly welcome a smaller dock connector/port. It’s time.

As always, we’re eagerly awaiting to see what Apple has in store for us next.

Source: iLounge | Via: 9to5Mac

  • Johan

    I think that there won’t be a port at all. With iOS 5 and going forward, there’s no need for a port to sync with iTunes and indeed no *need* to sync with iTunes at all.

    If there’s conductive charging of some sort, which might be enabled with a metal back, the port could be removed altogether, hypothetically.

    • The Gadgeteur

      That’s a great idea but I dot think enough people could get by charging or syncing solely by wireless means yet. Also, data caps make going completely wireless difficult still.

  • Stephen Robinson

    Nice info. But I agree that back would be ugly and I can’t see Apple doing that.