Infographic: The Worst Web Outages Of 2011

A lot of exciting announcements were made in 2011 for the tech world. With them, however, came many examples of tech failures, namely network/service outages. There were quite a few. Everything from Foursquare to Twitter to AT&T, and more suffered their own fair share of hiccups — Perfect subject for an infographic. Smart Bear software sat down and did just that, making an infographic showcasing 2011′s worst internet/network/service outages and organizing it into a more palatable format.

It’s big, graphic, and full of interesting stuff. Hop past for the read…


  • Source Killer Infographics
  • Via BitRebels
    • Jackyuen89

      what about the ps3 network? =p

      • The Gadgeteur

        That was such an epic fail it deserves it’s own infographic