Old and busted: Christmas decorations. New hottness: Steampunk earth boring vehicle busting through driveway for Halloween.

Oh noz…another one of those non-gadget posts has infiltrated the front page. Never fear, this is actually pretty cool. A guy named Peter has this insanely over the top idea of decorating his house with an earth boring vehicle breaking through his driveway — and all for Halloween. Peter’s past works include a sunken pirate ship and destroyed locomotive. Clearly, subtle is nowhere in this guys repertoire. But that’s A-OK in my book. Who doesn’t like a cleverly decorated house, regardless of holiday? The fact that it’s Halloween, unique, and Steampunk means it’s just about as awesome as it gets.

Getting ready for the big day means money. As such, Peter is raising funds through kickstart to get his idea off the ground. (Better hurry Peter, Halloween is creeping ever closer….)

**Hop inside to see Peter’s past works such as the sunken pirate ship and crashed locomotive…


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